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BMW X7 2022.

BMW X7 2022.

BMW X7 2022.

BMW X7 2022: a luxury crossover with powerful off-road and high-speed potential.

The German brand BMW has announced the release of a new version of a full-size SUV in a crossover body — the BMW X7 2022.

In the interpretation of 2022, the new model is positioned as a flagship, high price segment that meets the most demanding needs of the wealthy motoring community.

The elite crossover has an attractive and presentable body design, exclusive characteristics of electronic and technical equipment, the highest standards of interior comfort and road safety.


Despite the impressive dimensions, the novelty of the brand lineup is visually perceived proportionally, harmoniously, although somewhat massively.

In any case, the crossover generates ambiguous, but generally positive emotions.

In the photo in the front view, the front view of the 2022 BMW X7 shows a combination of new layout and design solutions with recognizable brand style details. In sight:

longitudinal relief texture of the hood decorated with the brand logo;
aggressive squinting of multifunctional blocks of head front optics with LED or top-end laser fittings;
corporate configuration and decorative chrome «nostrils» of the radiator grille.

BMW X7 2022.

A sporty-aggressive style dominates the design of the lower front deck.

In stock — the impressive size of the side diffusers equipped with fog lights, the textured mesh of the lower air intake and the slightly protruding ribbed profile of the metal body kit.

The design of the sidewalls of the case involved the classic basics of the crossover layout, including:

gentle slope of the domed roof;
arched contours of the side glazing with a silver perimeter and gloss black vertical pillars;
aerodynamic profiles and contours of stepped body reliefs.

Chrome-plated mirror caps and retractable door handles, protective sill moldings and a two-tone pattern on 20-inch wheels act as decorative accents.

The presence of a real all-terrain potential is indicated by the height of the clearance, the compactness of the overhangs and the tread pattern of wide-profile rubber.

The layout of the rear side of the body of the BMW X7 2022 includes a panoramic format of the aft glazing supplemented by a spoiler, a double-leaf tailgate decorated with a logo, nameplates and transverse reliefs.

BMW X7 2022.

Of interest is the three-dimensional graphics of polyfunctional parking lights connected by a chrome-plated bridge.


The premium status of an elite crossover is confirmed by the unique quality of interior materials, the equipment and wide functionality of standard and additional equipment, carefully thought-out profiling and ergonomics of all seven seats.

Current information about speed, engine speed, condition of components and assemblies is displayed on a digital display of a 12-inch instrument panel.

The 12-inch display located on the upper tier of the console is responsible for media and information support, as well as for touch activation of the component technical and electronic equipment.

On the lower floor of the console there is a block of compact ventilation diffusers and a remote control for setting the 4-zone cabin microclimate.

The tunnel is equipped with: a switch for driving modes of a robotic transmission, a washer for quick setting of a multimedia complex, a set of premium organizers and an armrest with a built-in volume of a refrigerating chamber.

Part of the command functionality is implemented by voice control, the on-board electronics package contains navigation systems, environmental monitoring, video cameras for viewing dead zones and other useful options.

BMW X7 2022.

The service of the driver’s and side rider’s seats equipped with transverse lumbar support includes heating circuits for ventilation, vibration massage and memory for several options for presetting.

The second row is designed as a spacious and comfortable triple sofa or two separate high-comfort chairs.

The new body provides a decent level of boarding and road service for riders with three seats in the outermost, third row.

If necessary, due to the transformation of the “gallery” and second-row seats, the volume of the 326-liter trunk can be increased to 750 and 2120 liters, respectively.


The planned restyling left the external body dimensions unchanged in proportional terms 5151 x 2000 and 1805 mm.

The length of the center distance is 3105 mm, the height of the 220 mm ground clearance can vary between +40 and -40 mm.

BMW X7 2022.

The design of the upgraded «seven» includes the layout and installation advantages of the CLAR all-wheel drive «bogie», with independent linkage suspension, electronically controlled shock absorbers, built-in active stability stabilizers and security systems.

The engine range of the BMW X7 2022 premium crossover is represented by power units of a diesel and gasoline range, with a working volume of 3 to 4.4 liters, with an output of 234-530 hp.

The test drive confirmed the time range of the second hundred exchange from 4.3 to 7 seconds, the maximum speed — from 227 to 250 km / h.

The entire motor list is structurally adapted to the transmission characteristics of the 8-speed hydromechanical automatics of the ZF series and the xDrive all-wheel drive with an electronically controlled friction clutch.

Options and prices

Abroad, the new BMW X7 2022 model year is promised with a wide range of modifications, starting cost from 125 to 200 thousand dollars.

The price of each configuration will depend on the drive power, the number and functionality of the component options.

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