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BMW XM 2023.

BMW XM 2023.

BMW XM 2023.

There is a new video of BMW XM 2023: the SUV demonstrates its high-speed qualities on the Nürburgring.

German brand BMW more and more goes to the electrification of its models.

In the video, which appeared quite recently, we can see the new BMW XM 2023.

The debut date of the SUV is not known, but we can see that it will be quite fast and with a great exhaust sound.

The model in the video is completely covered in camouflage, which doesn’t give us any idea of the design.

But the front end of the XM will definitely be like all the new models. It will have split headlights and an updated radiator grille.

The finished version of the car will look like the concept we saw last year. And the interior won’t have any grandiose differences either. It will get the iDrive 8 system and excellent interior trim.

The most powerful powertrain option will have about 750 horsepower thanks to the V8 engine and plug-in hybrid.

BMW XM 2023.

This layout could also be seen on the concept. And there will be a total of three versions with different power and hybrids. There is no data about them yet.

Cruising range on electricity will be equal to 48 kilometers. Most likely, it is the most powerful version of the model on the removed video.

It has sporty proportions and perfectly shows itself on the fast track Nurburgring.

BMW XM 2023.

This powertrain variant should become the top of the line of SUVs from BMW brand. Everything about it is perfect: exterior design, interior, power and performance.

The company is silent about the official release date and the start of sales.

But there are rumors that we can see the production model this year and the SUV will reach dealers next year.

But this is not confirmed information and we can only wait for fresh news from the Bavarian brand.

Engineers of the company don’t remove camouflage from the crossover yet, but it is already known that the production variation will have a clear resemblance to the concept shown last year.

BMW XM 2023.

On the other hand, published video gives the opportunity to hear the power plant’s work, as well as to see in real format the dynamics of the vehicle.

We must say that both parameters showed good values. In particular, the crossover moves along the highway rather quickly and easily fits into numerous turns, despite its rather large dimensions. As for the engine, it sounds very energetic.

As mentioned above, the body of the BMW XM is still hidden under camouflage camouflage, but it is possible to get acquainted with the concept.

At least, no special differences between the two models are expected. Thus, it is reported that the crossover will receive a similar large grille in the corporate style, where LEDs will also be built in.

BMW XM 2023.

It is assumed that the design will retain some angular outlines.

As for the interior, it is expected here the appearance of a modern BMW iDrive 8 infotainment system, which comes with the support of a modern interface. The interior will be finished with quality materials.

Specifications of BMW XM series version have not been disclosed yet, but there are some assumptions.

It is reported that the crossover will receive sufficiently productive engine, the output of which will be at the level of 750 horsepower.

Thus, tractive torque will be equal to 1000 N*m. In the hybrid variation, most likely the base will be the eight-cylinder engine. Battery autonomy is expected at the level of 48 kilometers.


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