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BMW Z4 2022.

BMW Z4 2022.

BMW Z4 2022.

BMW Z4 production is stopped for two weeks because of the lack of spare parts.

Representatives of the Bavarian brand said that mass production of the BMW Z4 sport roadster has been halted for two weeks due to a lack of spare parts.

The previously planned production schedule for the 5 Series was also affected by this problem.

According to a report from Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF), Austria’s national public broadcaster, production of the Bavarian roadster will be halted on Monday, March 14, 2022.

This pause will last for two weeks. A shortage of spare parts, especially wire harnesses supplied from Ukraine, is the main reason for the pause in production as a result of the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Whether production will resume in two weeks is not yet clear, as it will depend on whether supply chain issues are resolved by then.

A Magna spokesman said in a statement that affected employees will have to use their vacation days.

Others will work from home with reduced hours, while some will be forced to use their overtime hours.

BMW Z4 2022.

It is also unclear whether the shortage of parts is affecting production of the Toyota Supra, which is structurally an almost exact replica of the Bavarian car.

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict continues to affect various enterprises, including the automobile industry.

Several automakers have already announced that they are temporarily shutting down operations in the affected areas, and many have already expressed their support for aid missions to Ukraine.

BMW Z4 2022.

Last month, a report surfaced stating that the BMW Z4 would no longer be produced beginning in 2025.

The news claimed that the automaker was unhappy with sales of the roadster.

Stopping production would undoubtedly affect sales of the Z4, which are already scarce. It should be noted that by the end of 2021, BMW had only sold more than 2,400 Z4s.

BMW Z4 2022.

Whether this will affect the future of the Supra is still a mystery.

BMW declined to comment on the said data, stating that it «cannot speculate on future product offerings.»

Alpina officially becomes part of BMW. BMW buys Alpina and brings a longtime employee to the company.


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