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Brabus 900 Crawler 2022.

Brabus 900 Crawler 2022.

Brabus 900 Crawler 2022.

Brabus has shown its next creation: the new buggy 900 Crawler based on the Mercedes G63.

Brabus constantly manages to surprise and delight everyone with its creations.

It likes to use G63 model as a base. Many of their creations occupy the segments, which, most likely, will never become available for the Mercedes brand.

We have already seen a pickup and a car with a V12 under the hood, but today will be something more unusual.

The company specialists have presented a very powerful buggy, which should be able to handle desert sands perfectly.

It is called the Brabus 900 Crawler 2022, and we will take a closer look at it.

In fact, this model can be called one of the strangest, but at the same time impressive creations based on the car Mercedes G63.

By the level of strangeness it can be compared with the original G63 6X6. But the buggy has one noticeable disadvantage — it is forbidden to drive it on usual roads because of the lack of windows and doors.

Brabus 900 Crawler 2022.

But the company did not want to deprive its creation of a debut just because of this.

The car body is at an impressive height of 53 centimeters from the road.

By this indicator, it is far ahead of all other models. The nearest pursuer Ford Bronco has distance to the ground in 29,4 cm.

Such ground clearance, in fact, gives the opportunity to pass even the most impassable parts of the road.

Brabus 900 Crawler 2022.

Also the manufacturer has improved passability by installing new axles. The entire suspension has been upgraded.

Now it has shock absorbers with a stroke of 16 centimeters. They will definitely allow to pass where on any other car the way is closed.

Design of the wheels is very simple, but the model is designed not for beauty, but for a full off-road. Also new powerful brakes are installed.

Brabus 900 Crawler 2022.

And now we come to the most interesting. Under a cowl there is the improved 4.5-liter V8 engine with power of 888 horsepowers.

It’s paired with a nine-speed automatic gearbox. Acceleration from 0-100 km/h is possible in 3.4 seconds, but the maximum speed will not exceed 160 km/h because of off-road tires.

Brabus 900 Crawler 2022.

As for the cost, this buggy will cost you $ 793,000 (55,050,060 rubles).

A total of 15 units will be produced and for the next 3 years 5 units will be sold each year.

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