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Brabus Mercedes-Maybach GLS 800.

Brabus Mercedes-Maybach GLS 800.

Brabus Mercedes-Maybach GLS 800.

The Mercedes-Maybach GLS from Brabus got a formidable body, a bright interior and 24″ wheels.

The famous tuning studio Brabus has made revision of the most expensive crossover of the German brand Mercedes-Benz.

We are talking about a model Maybach GLS. Photos of the updated car were published online the day before.

Improved German premium-cross now has more aggressive appearance, and just giant 24-inch aluminum wheels are used as «shoes» for the car.

In addition, the «charged» cross has received a new aerodynamic dodger made of carbon fiber, different bumpers, wideners for wheel arches and imitation diffusers. The car body, finalized by Brabus, has no chrome trim.

For the first time, tuners from the atelier Brabus have finalized the Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 SUV, which has received a menacing appearance, bright interior and increased power unit output.

Brabus Mercedes-Maybach GLS 800.

Outside, the car stands out with huge 24-inch black wheels, under the installation of which the AIRMATIC suspension settings have been rewritten. Overall, the ground clearance of the car has been reduced by 25 millimeters.

At the front, there is a different grille and a carbon spoiler, as well as a carbon fiber trim that frames the air intakes.

The rear diffuser is also made of carbon fiber, in which the massive black nozzles of the exhaust system were inscribed.

All chrome elements on the Brabus Maybach GLS 800 have been replaced by tinted «Shadow Grey».

Brabus Mercedes-Maybach GLS 800.

In contrast to the dark body, the bright interior, upholstered in «Leonis Orange» orange leather, stands out. Inside, there are aluminum pedals and numerous carbon fiber inserts.

As for the 4.0-liter V8 biturbo under the hood of this SUV, the experts at Brabus equipped it with larger turbines and the proprietary PowerXtra chip.

As a result, the powertrain’s output was increased to 800 hp and 950 Nm of torque. This is 240 hp and 220 Nm more than the factory values, which allowed reducing the acceleration to a hundred to 4.5 seconds, with a maximum speed is limited to the mark of 300 km / h.

The price of this car in Germany is 415,000 euros (including taxes) and its price for export is 370,000.

Brabus Mercedes-Maybach GLS 800.

On the technical side, changes have also affected the premium car. Despite the fact that the 4-liter turbo engine with eight cylinders remained the same, its power output tuning studio engineers managed to increase significantly.

Now the given unit is capable to give out up to 800 horsepower and 950 N*m of torque.

Up to a speed of 100 km/h the car will accelerate in 4,5 seconds, and its maximum limit will reach 300 km/h.

In addition, engineers calibrated the air suspension control unit, which allowed achieving a decrease in clearance by 25 mm.

The interior of a special version Maybach-Mercedes GLS has also undergone adjustments.

Brabus Mercedes-Maybach GLS 800.

Its trim is made of quite unusual orange leather, as well as carbon fiber decorative inserts.

The specialists from Brabus claim that they can give the interior absolutely any shape and shade according to the wishes of a particular customer.

About what price a redesigned Maybach-Mercedes GLS will be available on the market, it is not known yet.

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