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Brabus S 800 2021.

Brabus S 800 2021

Brabus S 800 2021.

Brabus S 800 2021 — a new tuned sedan or a modified model Mercedes-AMG S63 4MATIC +
Brabus G V12 is an absolute hit among gold youth and representatives of show business. Now, in a tuning studio, they are interested in remaking the representative Mercedes-AMG S63 4MATIC + and have already shared information on what will be one of the most expensive cars in the world.
By the way, the new name for the German sedan is the Brabus S 800.


First, a little Wikipedia. Initially, Brabus was only engaged in the sale of Mercedes cars, but later they began to offer their customers individualized Daimler conveyor models in the direction of increasing power and improving the aesthetic qualities of serial cars. Today, the company is considered the world’s largest independent tuning studio in whose arsenal there are already 5 world speed records.

A little help became a little eyeliner to emphasize the nature of the alterations that are made in Brabus. As with other models, the studio is engaged in the refinement of power units.

Brabus S 800 2021

They do not carry out any work on the chassis and transmission, preferring to take AMG models as the source, which, on the contrary, like to thoroughly sort out the serial cars’ chassis so that after them there is frankly nothing to modify.

Now directly about the power unit. Initially, the AMG S63 4MATIC + is equipped with a 4-liter petrol engine with a V-shaped architecture for 8 cylinders, twin-turbocharged and direct injection. They did not change the engine in Brabus.

Instead, they installed their proprietary Power Xtra 800 package, which could be seen on the Brabus 800 (originally the Mercedes-AMG GT liftback).

Unfortunately, there are no details regarding this package. Either production secrecy, or simply they do not consider it necessary to talk about it. Nevertheless, it is known for certain that it includes the installation of new turbines with reinforced bearings and another stainless steel exhaust system.

Thus, the peak power of the new sedan was brought to a record 800 hp, and the torque was 1000 Hm.
Naturally, the S 800 can now boast distinctive dynamic characteristics from the source. Now the 2195-kilogram sedan accelerates to a hundred in 3.1 seconds, and the maximum speed is declared at around 300 km / h.
It is worth saying that an increase of 188 hp showed a not so significant result, because the AMG S63 could boast of acceleration in 3.5 seconds, and it is unlikely that an ordinary user will notice a difference of 0.4 seconds.

Brabus S 800 2021

This changes in technology end, so it remains to recall the key passport data of the original sedan. On board:

Electric power steering;
Four-wheel drive 4Matic +;
9-band automatic with shift paddles;
The ability to adjust the departure and height of the steering column;
Independent multi-link suspension system front and rear with pneumatic elements;
Disc brakes with ventilation on each axis;
Electronic parking brake;
Front and rear parking sensors;
5 modes of movement and operation of the power unit;
Single lane retention system
Adaptive matrix optics control system;
Rain and tire pressure sensors;
Active hood for pedestrian protection.

Also on board is adaptive cruise control with recognition features for pedestrians, road signs and cyclists even at night, monitoring driver fatigue and blind spots.

Brabus S 800 2021


To a greater extent, tuning touched the sedan.
Mercedes Brabus S 800 received some original spare parts from branded atelier packages:

New carbon fiber front and rear body kit with sports architecture from the Carbon Package Body;
New front wing air intake;
A new quartet of tailpipes;
A new pattern of front optics and rear dimensions from the package Brand Package Exterior.

All body parts are painted black, and a huge company logo of the studio is now located on the grill. Dimensions remained unchanged.
A significant role Brabus assigned to the wheels. If AMG offers 19-inch wheels for the S63, then there are 21-inch forged wheels with several design options and a choice of low-profile tires between manufacturers such as Continental and Pirelli.


The recipe for filling the interior at Brabus is always simple. Take the same architecture, sheathe it with the most expensive materials that can be found, add screens, upgrade climate control, and deliver improved multimedia and music.
It remains only to indicate wherever possible that this is Brabus.

Brabus S 800 2021

So Salon S 800 will offer:

Mondian Black leather trim;
Lining made of carbon and polished aluminum;
Multimedia screens on the backs of the front seats;
Climate divided into 4 zones;
Music on 13 speakers with a capacity of 590 watts;
Several USB ports and contactless charging;
Multimedia with a 12.3-inch screen, support for navigation, mobile services and display images from all-round cameras;
LED lighting around the perimeter;

And all this is in top quality, which is so valued around the world and makes up most of the price tag.


The competition is pretty obvious. An impressive price tag eliminated all options from BMW, Maserati, AMG, Porsche and others.
In the same price category today are only the Bentley Mulsanne II, Maybach 57/62 and some Rolls-Royce Phantom trim levels.

Price and sales start date

The Brabus S 800 will go on sale in early 2021. The announced price tag is still approximate — from 400,000 euros or 32 million rubles.
Interestingly, the declared value is higher than the option from AMG of almost 65%, which is estimated at 11.2 million rubles.

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