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Bugatti Chiron Sport Les Légendes du Ciel 2021.

Bugatti Chiron Sport Les Légendes du Ciel 2021.

Bugatti Chiron Sport Les Légendes du Ciel 2021.

Bugatti Chiron Sport Les Légendes du Ciel: a special edition honoring aviators.
Bugatti has unveiled the «aviation» Chiron Sport.
Les Légendes du Ciel version dedicated to aviators and racers of the past.

The number of modifications and special versions of the Bugatti Chiron hypercar is growing at an enviable speed: its circulation is only 500 copies, but the company continues to fuel interest in the model.

This time, the Chiron Sport Les Légendes du Ciel has joined the line-up, designed to remind Bugatti’s already forgotten connection with aviation. Indeed, at the beginning of the twentieth century, many of the racers driving Bugatti cars were also pilots.

Bugatti Chiron Sport Les Légendes du Ciel 2021.

The basis for the new version is the Chiron Sport hypercar with modified suspension and steering settings, lightweight wheels, carbon fiber components, retouched rear bumper and four round exhaust pipes instead of two trapezoidal ones.

The new version can be distinguished by a wide white stripe stretched over the entire length of the body, a special design of the radiator grille and inserts on the sills, painted in the colors of the French flag.

In addition, the front fenders, seat head restraints and center console feature a number of bladed propeller logos.

Bugatti Chiron Sport Les Légendes du Ciel 2021.

Stylized lettering with the model name appears on the doorsteps, and hand-painted images of the Nieuport 17 fighter jet following the classic Bugatti Type 13 model appear on the door panels. two glass sections in the roof.

From a technical point of view, Chiron Sport Les Légendes du Ciel is completely identical to the original hypercar: the W16 8.0 engine (1500 hp, 1600 Nm) with four turbochargers, a seven-speed preselective «robot» and permanent all-wheel drive.

Bugatti will produce only 20 cars from the new special series, with a starting price of 2.88 million euros excluding taxes.

Most of the Bugatti pilots were involved with aviation in one way or another. Albert Divo, to whom the Divo is dedicated, for example, was a military pilot.

Like Roland Garros, who in peacetime happily sat behind the wheel of a Bugatti Type 18. They, as well as other equally famous racers, are dedicated to a series of 20 copies of the Chiron Sport ‘Les Légendes du Ciel’ (translated from French — “Legends of Heaven «).

Bugatti Chiron Sport Les Légendes du Ciel 2021.

The main thing about the two-door is a design that mimics the design of vintage aircraft, plus a specially decorated cabin.

With the release of Les Légendes du Ciel, the number of versions of the Bugatti Chiron reached six, not counting derivatives like the Centodieci and La Voiture Noire.

In addition to the usual Chiron, the range includes the sporty Chiron Sport, the driver’s Chiron Pur Sport, the record-breaking Chiron Super Sport 300+ and the anniversary Chiron 110 ans.

The airborne Chiron Sport is finished in a matte gray Gris Serpent, a modern take on a shade that has been used on aircraft since the 1920s.

A contrasting white stripe is drawn along the body of the car. The front fenders feature the Les Légendes du Ciel logo and the side skirts feature the Le Bleu-Blanc-Rouge tricolor.

The radiator grille with curly slats, symbolizing the parade formation of fighters, is made of deep-drawn laser-cut aluminum.

When the Shiron doors are opened, the special version logo is projected onto the road. The sills of the machine are made of brushed aluminum, the engine cover is made of carbon fiber with visible weaving. Black sprayed tailpipe trims 3D printed from heat resistant Inconel.

Bugatti Chiron Sport Les Légendes du Ciel 2021.

The interior of the Chiron Sport ‘Les Légendes du Ciel’ uses fine light brown Gaucho leather (similar to that used in aircraft cockpits), carbon fiber, and diamond-cut and pearl-grained aluminum inserts, as on watch movements.

Chiron’s doors feature a race scene for a Bugatti Type 13 (the brand’s first car) and a French biplane Nieuport 17. The latter was very popular with pilots who appreciated its speed, agility and reliability.

The Bugatti Chiron Sport ‘Les Légendes du Ciel’ is powered by a standard eight-liter W16 with four turbochargers, developing 1,500 horsepower and 1,600 Nm of torque.

The box is a seven-speed «robot» with two clutches. The hypercar accelerates from zero to «hundreds» in 2.4 seconds. The maximum speed is 420 kilometers per hour.

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