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Bugatti Sur Mesure.

Bugatti Sur Mesure.

Bugatti Sur Mesure.

Bugatti Sur Mesure: a new division for special orders.

Interest in the Bugatti Chiron hypercar has started to grow again: despite the fact that next year the model will celebrate six years from its premiere, and out of the declared production run of five hundred copies almost forty cars still remain unclaimed, in the third quarter the number of orders (mainly from China) has increased.

The tool to maintain demand in an attempt to please the tastes of potential buyers all these years have served numerous special versions and special modifications on the basis of the standard model, but now the French have decided to take the next step.

Unlike Bentley and Rolls-Royce, which have special units, engaged in building cars made to order for important customers, Bugatti brand’s management focused on expanding the range of variants.

The good news for those who always wanted a Chiron «not like everyone else»: the company established the Bugatti Sur Mesure program, which will deal with personalization of hypercars.

Of course, we can not limit ourselves with the choice of the car body color and trim materials, we could also choose a shade and upholstery when ordering a car.

Besides, the company’s portfolio also includes such projects which took years of work, for instance, a unique Divo Lady Bug.

Bugatti Sur Mesure.

Now thanks to the Bugatti Sur Mesure team particularly demanding customers will have an opportunity to develop their own design concepts and fulfill all their wishes during the construction of the car.

Bugatti Sur Mesure.

The first car Bugatti Sur Mesure team helped to build was Chiron Pur Sport hypercar (shown on the photo) inspired by pre-war motor racer Louis Chiron.

Bugatti Sur Mesure.

He won the French Grand Prix in 1931 with a Bugatti Type 51 with serial number 32, that is why these very figures decorate the doors (the company stresses that they were painted by hand) and seat headrests of the new hypercar.

Bugatti Sur Mesure.

Two new shades were used to paint the body, one of which was decorated with a pattern consisting of many tiny Bugatti logos.

About the technical improvements creators do not report — apparently, a special Chiron Pur Sport is equipped with a standard for the hypercar 8-liter W16 engine with four turbochargers (1500 hp, 1600 Nm) and seven-speed «robot» with two clutches.

Of course, they don’t specify the price of the client car either, though, if we take into account that the company asks about 3.7 million dollars for a «usual» Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport, the total sum could exceed four million.

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