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Buick Envision Plus 2021.

Buick Envision Plus 2021.

Buick Envision Plus 2021.

Buick Envision Plus 2021: a crossover with premium performance potential.

In the segment of Chinese mid-size crossovers, the Buick Envision Plus 2021 model has the status of the first car adapted to the specifics of the American market.

The new model differs from the highly successful predecessor of the previous year by a more expressive exterior of the elongated body and the presence of an economical gas-engine drive.

In the new generation of the crossover, the latest technological and design solutions of leading specialists are implemented, the parameters of the component equipment have been substantially improved.


First of all, the planned restyling had a positive effect on the appearance of the novelty.

Buick of the Envision Plus series of 2022, against the background of similar models of a higher price level, looks decent and presentable in all respects. In the photo in the front view, the new brand assortment effectively demonstrates:

expressive longitudinal reliefs of the bonnet rounded along the front perimeter;

wedge-shaped blocks of LED optics supplemented with dynamic strokes of navigation lights;

textured mesh and chrome-plated hexagonal perimeter of the radiator grille.

Buick Envision Plus 2021.

In the structural properties of the front end — a diamond-shaped configuration of diffusers, massive lamellas of the plastic grille of the lower air intake and a silver metal panel of the off-road body kit.

The design of the front end harmoniously combines details of sports, stepped and wave reliefs.

The new body is stylishly and modernly decorated in a profile perspective.

In the field of view — the elongated engine compartment, which is characteristic of the crossover configuration, the streamlined roof contour and the vertical plane of the stern. Attention is drawn to:

clear contrast of the silver frame and dark plastic pillars of the side three-section glazing;

muscular relief texture of the sidewalls;

the massiveness of the decorative and protective lining in the area of ​​the sills and the spoke pattern of off-road aluminum-composite wheels.

Buick Envision Plus 2021.

The appearance of the aft body has all the prerequisites for obtaining premium status.

Available: elongated side pillars of the spoiler visor, a gentle slope of the rear glazing, complemented by a logo, sections of marker and stop lamps, nameplates and undulating reliefs of the tailgate.

The basic configuration of the protruding ribbed bumper includes a pair of large-caliber exhaust pipes, fog lamps and a metal-plastic body kit that combines protective and decorative functions.

According to the visitors of the presentation, the Buick Envision Plus 2021 in its category has every chance of obtaining the status of the car of the year.


Evolutionary changes in the finishing of the five-seater saloon volume indicated themselves with an increase in the quality of the finishing range and the expansion of the functionality of the component electronics.

At the same time, the features of the corporate identity are preserved to the smallest detail.

The design of the multifunctional steering wheel provides a full view of the analog-digital instrument panel, the media-command display of the center console is supplemented with analog elements for activating and configuring the on-board functional and comfort-forming equipment.

Buick Envision Plus 2021.

The central tunnel includes:

remote control with buttons for switching the speeds of the automated gearbox;

a block of coasters and a set of organizers;

a spacious refrigerator located under a double-leaf soft armrest.

Already in the basic configuration, the crossover will receive advanced electronics, including a multimedia complex, a head-up display, a premium Bose audio system, modern navigation, climate control and road safety equipment.

The service of front seats equipped with transverse lumbar support, regardless of modification, offers built-in memory of several positions, heating, ventilation and multi-mode vibration massage.

The rear sofa compensates for the service deficit with a comfortable three-seater format, the presence of airflow deflectors and a folding armrest.

The tilt-adjustable backrest allows the loading volume of the 762-liter luggage compartment to be increased to 1,777 liters.


The dimensions of the elongated version of the model are implemented by the branded designers in the ratios of 4845 x 1833 and 1695 mm.

The novelty is based on a modular, basic front- or top-end all-wheel drive «bogie» E2XX with a combined MacPherson and multi-link suspension, an expanded list of electronic assistants.

The advantages of the chassis are 2833 mm of wheelbase and more than 200 mm of ground clearance, as well as 18-inch reinforced off-road wheels.

The top model Avenir differs from the base version by a more expensive cabin interior, the presence of electronically controlled shock absorbers and a disc diameter increased to 20 inches.

The power tandem is copied from its predecessor without changes. This is a turbocharged «four» with a volume of 2 liters and a capacity of 237 hp, in combination with a starter-generator and a 9-speed automatic transmission.

Buick Envision Plus 2021.

The test drive of the new version of the crossover in all respects confirmed the characteristics declared by the manufacturer and the off-road potential nominal for its segment. The dynamics of the speed gain is 10.3 seconds, the maximum speed is up to 190 km / h.

Options and prices

In America and several countries of the European Union, the new Buick Envision Plus 2021 model year can be purchased for 34.6 thousand dollars. The price of the top version is correspondingly slightly higher.

Sales start in Russia

According to the specialists of the dealer companies, the model focused on the peculiarities of the American crossover market will not be initially supplied to the domestic car market.

The conclusion confirms the fact that the release date in Russia has not yet been indicated by the company.


The new crossover has more than two dozen real competitors. The top positions are occupied by models of the class Porsche Macan, Lincoln MKC, Volkswagen Touareg, Acura RDX, Infiniti QX50 and their post-reform modifications.

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