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Buick GL8 2022.

Buick GL8 2022.

Buick GL8 2022.

Buick has shown a precursor to the next-generation GL8 minivan: autopilot and a tea table in the cabin.

The official presentation of the show car of the American brand, owned by the GM concern, took place within the framework of the auto show that opened its doors in Guangzhou.

Buick company has developed a one-wheelers GL8 specifically for Chinese market: it appeared in the model lineup in 1999.

The production is established at the local plant, owned by a joint venture of General Motors and SAIC.

The car of the second generation was presented in 2010, and six years later the «third» minivan entered the market.

For some time on the Chinese market there were all three generations of the model, but later the «first» GL8 still retired.

Now here are minivans of the second and third generations, and both models have gone through a restyling in the 2020th. Meanwhile, the company is working on the next — fourth — Buick GL8.

The forerunner of the flagship minivan is a concept, which the American brand presented at the auto show in Guangzhou.

The show car was created by employees of the technology center in Shanghai, which includes specialists from both SAIC and GM.

The company said the new generation intends to «take the car to a new level» in the luxury MPV segment.

The presented conceptual one-vehicle looks quite futuristic.

Buick GL8 2022.

Thus it still has a recognizable silhouette. The hood, windshield and transparent roof form a single whole, and a huge plug with a pattern in the form of large cells is striking in the front part.

On the edge of the hood in the center is the brand logo, and underneath it are the luminous letters of its name.

The L-shaped headlights are located on the sides at a considerable distance from the grille.

Buick GL8 2022.

The rear lights visually support the shape of the headlights, although their execution is smoother and more reminiscent of a boomerang.

There is a small spoiler on the upper part of the stern, laconic luggage door was also designed at the expense of the sign and the name of the brand.

On the sidewall in the lower part immediately behind the front wheel you can see the inscription Avenir, recall that such a prefix to the name has a top version of the actual minivan.

Buick GL8 2022.

The interior is also probably far from the serial embodiment. The interior of the luxury minivan is designed for four people, between the rows there is a table, which surface was turned into an innovative tea tray.

The front passenger seat is able to rotate 180 degrees, so the passenger on it is facing those sitting behind.

On the front panel there is a wide display aimed at the driver.

Its diagonal is 30 inches, probably serves as a virtual «dashboard», and touchscreen infotainment system (by the way, multimedia listens to voice commands).

Buick GL8 2022.

Another touchscreen is on the steering wheel.

The company noted that the concept is equipped with intelligent mobility technology V2X, which means that it has received a number of functions and features for autonomous driving.

The system allows you to quickly communicate with other vehicles, people, infrastructure and cloud service and respond accordingly.

About «stuffing» concept Buick GL8 in the company said nothing. To note, the actual minivan of the third generation is equipped with a 2.0-liter gasoline turbo four and its payoff makes 237 hp.

A pair to this motor is offered with a nine-speed automatic Hydra-Matic gearbox. The model has only front-wheel drive.

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