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Buy car: BMW 5-Series Touring 2017-2018.

BMW 5-Series Touring 2017-2018.

BMW 5-Series Touring 2017-2018 — update of the versatile 5 series.

Buy car: BMW 5-Series Touring 2017-2018.

The restyling version of the BMW 5-Series Touring successfully combines stylish elegance, premium level of comfort and safety, as well as the patency and capacity of the station wagon. Buy car.

BMW 5-Series Touring 2017-2018

The new body of the novelty is made in compliance with the general trend of the model range of the manufacturer, but it is not devoid of originality. Headlights of head light have a stylishly narrowed form and make up a single strip with a grille. This makes the car visually wider, and sportiness and dynamism is added to its exterior by a wide air intake in the front bumper.

BMW 5-Series Touring 2017-2018.

Buy car: BMW 5-Series Touring 2017-2018.

The silhouette of the body of the station wagon shows smooth lines and harmonious proportions. The increased length of the body gives the car a more solid appearance. The rear of the body is characterized by an original shape of the lamps, which also favorably emphasize the width of the car.

The paint palette of the body BMW 5 Universal is represented by thirteen different variants, 11 of which have the metallic effect. No less diverse is the choice of designs of light alloy wheels with a radius of 17 to 20 inches.

BMW 5-Series Touring 2017-2018..

The interior of the renovated station wagon is distinguished by the premium quality of finishing materials, as well as a large amount of seating space for passengers. Increasing the length of the body made it even more spacious, added space for the feet and over the head of the passengers.

In addition, a more convenient fit of the rear passengers provides a slightly modified form of doorways. The impressive width of the car allows you to place on the back row at the same time three child seats. For the convenience of passengers in the cabin provides a large number of different compartments for storage.

BMW 5-Series Touring 2017-2018...

Buy car: BMW 5-Series Touring 2017-2018.

The style of the interior design can be called elegant and elegant, but it also contains details that emphasize the sportiness of the car.

A large number of chrome parts emphasizes the ownership of the car to premium-class, and the dynamic dash to it is given by the original instrument panel and modern design of the center console.

Compared with the previous generation, the German station wagon became larger in all respects:

The length of the body is increased by 36 mm and is 4943 mm,
Width — 1868 mm, which is 8 mm larger than the predecessor,
Height of the car body is 1498 mm (+10 mm to the body of the previous generation),
Wheelbase is increased by 7 mm, its length is 2975 mm.

BMW 5-Series Touring 2017-2018....

Like the new BMW 5-Series 7 generation sedan, the updated station wagon boasts a high level of technical equipment, which ensures a high level of comfort and safety when driving. As a basic and additional equipment in the package there are such systems as:

— Adaptive head lights;
— Traffic control system for traffic and recognition of traffic signs;
— Automatic parking function;
— Emergency brake system;
— Recognition of pedestrians and other obstacles on the road;
— Intelligent cruise control.

— Also, the car is equipped with a modern multimedia installation. The diagonal of the display is 8.8 or 10.25 inches, depending on the configuration. You can control the functions of the head unit not only with the touchscreen, it also supports voice and gesture control.

Additional features include a high-precision navigation system, the ability to access the Internet, synchronize with mobile devices, etc.
BMW 5-Series Touring Specifications

For the station wagon the following engine models are available:

— Petrol 4-cylinder, volume 2.0 liters, power 252 hp;
— Petrol 6-cylinder, 3.0 liters, 340 hp;
— Diesel 2.0 liters — 190 hp;
— Diesel 3.0 liters — 265 hp

Each of the engines is paired with a 6-speed manual or a robotic 8-speed Steptronic transmission. The robotic gearbox is equipped with several modes of operation, which are selected depending on the driving style.

The car has a front two-link and a rear five-link suspension. As a standard option, air suspension is installed.

High content of aluminum allowed to significantly reduce the weight of the car, to increase the rigidity of the body.

With regard to pricing, the cost of the BMW 5-Series Touring wagon starts at 47,700 euros for the basic equipment with a diesel 2.0L 190 hp. Motor. Sales of cars will begin in early summer of 2017.

Video test of the BMW 5-Series Station Wagon 2017-2018:


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