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BYD Dolphin 2022.

BYD Dolphin 2022.

BYD Dolphin 2022.

Test drive of new BYD Dolphin 2022: this model should become a leader in its segment.

For the BYD brand, the popularity of the «Dynasty Series» was definitely history.

The subsequent success of the «Ocean Series» consolidated the company’s position and officially ushered in a new era of pure electric models. BYD Dolphin 2022 is the first car based on the BYD 3.0 electronic platform.

In its exterior, the car uses the «nautical aesthetics» design concept.

It features the newly designed new BYD brand logo for the first time.

According to the official statement, the aesthetics of the BYD 3.0 e-platform is about dynamism, low wind resistance and large space.

We can say that these elements are vividly displayed in the Dolphin. The front of the car is very short and compact, and the body contrasts sharply with the sharp two-piece waistline.

BYD Dolphin 2022.

The front and tail designs echo, and the round shape is full and rugged, much like a real dolphin.

The low wind resistance rims are an important feature of the BYD Dolphin.

The top-of-the-line Cavalier has 17-inch alloy wheels, which are quite harmonious, at least in terms of visual effects.

The Chaoyang tires are energy-efficient and quiet, in keeping with the positioning of the purely electric model.

The interior of the BYD Dolphin also reflects the design concept of «nautical aesthetics.»

BYD Dolphin 2022.

The center console has a symmetrical layout: refreshing and simple.

Inside, the car has the same color scheme as the body, which is very consistent and fashionable.

Although the soft covering takes up only a small part, but fortunately, the workmanship is quite good.

BYD Dolphin 2022.

The three-spoke steering wheel is relatively small and equipped with a wealth of features.

The electronic gearshift mechanism has a «roller-type» design, and there is a «dolphin barking» sound when the car shifts gears.

BYD Dolphin 2022.

The BYD 3.0 electronic platform includes many advanced technologies.

This is the first model built on this architecture. The Knight version (maximum configuration) is equipped with a 130 kW (176 hp) drive engine with a maximum torque of 290 N*m.

Along with it runs BYD’s iconic «Blade» 44.9 kWh lithium-iron phosphate battery. The novelty’s range reaches 401 km.


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