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Cadillac Lumin 2023.

Cadillac Lumin 2023.

Cadillac Lumin 2023.

The first renders of Cadillac’s flagship electric sedan Lumin have been unveiled.

The author of this rendering was designer Gyuwan Kim, who is not affiliated with the GM brand.

Cadillac is currently betting on an all-electric future.

The brand already has a debut electric car, the Cadillac Lyriq, which has tried on an atypical futuristic design for the automaker.

The Cadillac you see in these renders isn’t an official brand project, but it would fit nicely into the company’s electric future.

This car, created by Behance designer Gewan Kim, is called the Cadillac Lumin.

In front of us is a luxury four-door sedan, as bold and futuristic in design as the Lyriq.

On the front side of the Lumin is an artificial front grille, shining through with thin strips of LEDs.

Cadillac Lumin 2023.

The Lumin also has brighter LED headlights and a spectacular LED headlight.

The rectangular shape of the front fenders also catches the eye, perfectly complementing the aggressive wheel design.

As in any good concept, the Cadillac Lumin lacks the traditional door handles, and instead of the usual side mirrors are installed small cameras.

The side profile is especially sleek thanks to the low roofline and narrow glazing line.

Cadillac Lumin 2023.

The stern of the electric sedan gets L-shaped LED taillights.

Cadillac’s flagship electrified sedan, the Lumin, continues to undergo testing. The exterior of the future vehicle will be created with the help of designer Gyuwan Kim.

The futuristic design is emphasized by flowing body lines, a relief hood and lowered ground clearance.

The front end of the sedan also features LED headlights.

Cadillac Lumin 2023.

To assemble the car used a modular platform. The peculiarity of the exterior is the absence of side door handles.

The low roof line makes the vehicle especially smooth. The interior uses genuine leather for the seats and side cassettes.

Soft plastic complements the overall look of the interior. A good level of noise insulation makes it possible not to hear any creaks and unpleasant sounds while driving.

Cadillac Lumin 2023.

A distinctive grille is also a significant advantage.

It has additional lighting, which allows you to stand out among other vehicles, especially at night. The cost of the future car has not been announced yet.

The Cadillac Lumin will have both a conventional combustion engine and a fully electrified power plant.

The cost of the new car has not been voiced yet. Serial production will start in the second half of this year.

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