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Changan CS75 Plus 2022.

Changan CS75 Plus 2022.

Changan CS75 Plus 2022.

Changan CS75 Plus 2022: an upgraded version of the popular crossover from the Celestial Empire
The demand for Chinese crossovers is increasing every year.

This fact initiates mass production and timely modernization of the most successful models.

In particular, a new version of the medium-format crossover — Changan CS75 Plus 2022 — claims to be the hit of the year.

Novelty focuses the attention of potential owners on the real combination of seating and road comfort, effective safety and traction-speed parameters with an affordable price.

Changan CS75 series of 2022 with the index + demonstrates a stylish and expressive body design, as well as advanced on all fronts characteristics of technical and electronic equipment.


Judging by the promotional photos, the appearance of the crossover peacefully coexists canons layout classics with the latest trends in global automotive fashion.

The design is dominated by elements of practicality and functionality, nevertheless the new model is visually perceived at the level of the best European and Asian counterparts.

Changan CS75 Plus 2022.

The new crossover body is most stylishly designed in the front view. In sight:

Wave profiles and raised sides of the short but massive hood;

decorated with Changan Automobile Group brand logo X-shaped configuration and textured grid of a large-size radiator grille;

Powerful LED optics supplemented by bright dotted line lights.

In the overall entourage of the front stylishly blends racing-sports format ventilating diffusers with integrated fog lamps, cross-slit bars of the grille of the bottom air duct and compact size of the metal-plastic off-road dodger.

The design of the body sides is less striking. There are: a smooth curve of the domed roof, arched contour of the side windows decorated with glossy struts, harmonious transitions of stepped and wave body reliefs and rectangular wheel arches.

The exterior décor of the sides is represented by chrome-plated rails, plastic overlays and a variety of reliefs. The set also includes interestingly designed mirrors and door handles.

Layout of the new Changan CS75 Plus 2022 crossover stern by design and ergonomics is identical to many European counterparts, including higher class. Restyling is marked:

The redesigned shape of the illuminated, stylish stern window spoiler;

exclusive graphics of the LED-connected crescent-shaped brake lights;

a slight increase in the format of the luggage compartment door decorated with nameplates and transverse wave profiles.

Changan CS75 Plus 2022.

A set of vertical fog lights is built into the sides of the ribbed bumper. Most of the trim is in the form of a metal and plastic insert with two paired sets of round, large-caliber exhausts.


Five-seat interior design model Changan KS75 Plus 2022 worthy demonstrates the excellent quality of finishing fabric, imitation leather, metal and leather inserts, competent organization of the interior volume, ergonomic layout of all seats.

Modern digital technologies prevail in the equipment of the informative front panel.

There are: a multifunctional instrument panel, complemented by touch command touchpad display of multimedia complex console, compact format remote control with the activators of functional and comfort of the onboard equipment.

The design of the central tunnel includes a joystick driving modes, the engine start button, ports for connecting external digital gadgets, organizers and cupholders.

A two-leaf armrest is used in parallel as a cooler compartment lid.

The interior volume of the crossover is designed for five seats. There is an advanced service functionality and decent comfort equipped with side support, ventilation, heating, mechanical or electrified pilot seat settings.

Sofa of the second row compensates absence of additional conveniences with big volumes of personal space for each of three companions, and also back tilt adjustment and availability of folding table.

Modest in comparison with the average crossover status, the volume of a 620-liter luggage carrier can be tripled due to stowage of a sofa back.

Changan CS75 Plus 2022.

Technical characteristics

The belonging of the new Changan version to the category of medium-format cars of high cross-country ability is confirmed by body dimensions copied from its predecessor — 4640×1850 and 1705 mm, length of centre-to-centre distance and height of body clearance within 2700/200 mm.

The chassis is also equipped with long-travel shock absorbers, independent spring suspension, stabilizer bar, safety systems and a full range of disc brakes.

Power and traction parameters of the 1.8-liter gasoline engine with output of 150 hp are productively realized by automatic transmission with torque transfer to front or all-wheel drive.

Test-drive confirmed the manufacturer designated time of dialing the first hundred 7.8 seconds, a maximum speed of 180 km / h, impeccable interaction of on-board systems.

Changan CS75 Plus 2022.

The new Changan KS75 Plus 2022 model year showed itself perfectly in the dynamic traffic flows of city streets and highways.

Features and prices

At the initial stage, the crossover will be supplied in two modifications. On the domestic market, the initial price of the front-wheel drive version is formed at the level of 4.5 million rubles, the cost of the technically advanced modification is specified.

Sales start in Russia

According to experts of dealer structures, the release date in Russia will be implemented at the end of 2022.


In the list of similar cost competitors lead the class models Skoda Kodiak, Nissan X-Trail, Mazda CX-5, Mitsubishi Outlander and Kia Sportage.

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