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Changan CS85 2023.

Changan CS85 2023.

Changan CS85 2023.

The Changan CS85 crossover has become more powerful after an upgrade.

The coupe-shaped Changan CS85 made its debut in 2018, and in its native market in China it is considered the main competitor of the Geely Tugella crossover we know.

The Changan-branded car is noticeably longer (4728 mm instead of 4605 mm), but both cars have a close wheelbase, the same form factor and similar features.

Two years ago, the Changan CS85 has already undergone a light restyling, and now there is a second upgrade.

Outside the crossover has not changed — except that there are 19-inch wheels of new design.

Interior is also the same, but the media system is refined: it has different graphics and expanded online capabilities.

Depending on the equipment the trucks are equipped with 10 or 12.3-inch screens.

The most significant update is another base 1.5-liter turbo engine. It has a different cylinder geometry from its predecessor with the same displacement and the output increased from 178 hp and 265 Nm to 188 hp and 300 Nm.

Changan CS85 2023.

The seven-speed dual-clutch «robot» is the same. The senior power unit has not changed — a two-liter turbo four (233 hp, 360 Nm) with an eight-speed automatic.

A four-wheel drive does not appear in the arsenal, although the platform with rear multilever allows installation of such transmission.

In China the modernized Changan CS85 has already appeared on sale, and the prices have not changed. The base version costs 17100 dollars, and for a two-liter crossover in a maximum complete set they ask 23500 dollars.

Changan CS85 2023.

This time the appearance of Changan CS85 has not changed, except that the plastic, of which the body of the mirrors are made, now imitates carbon fiber.

As before, for a crossover red exterior décor and brake calipers of the same shade are provided.

The base model has 18-inch wheels, while other versions have 19-inch wheels of the new design.

The length of the new Changan CS85 is 4728 mm, width — 1845 mm, height reaches 1665 mm, distance between axles — 2705 mm.

The interior of a new Changan CS85 is also the same, but the multimedia system is now faster and smarter.

Changan CS85 2023.

The list of equipment also includes: a virtual «dashboard» (7 or 10.25 inches), climate control, panoramic roof, adaptive cruise control, all-around vision cameras, auto braking and «blind» zones monitoring technology.

The base petrol «turbo four» 1.5 has become more productive, it now develops 188 hp and 300 Nm of torque instead of 178 hp and 265 Nm.

Changan CS85 2023.

The turbo 2.0 has not been upgraded, its output is 233 hp and 360 Nm.

One and a half liter engine is still combined with a 7-speed automatic transmission with two clutches, the 2.0-liter capacity unit works with a classical 8-speed «automatic» from Aisin. Drive of the novelty is front-wheel drive only.

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