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Changan Huawei Avatr 11 2023.

Changan Huawei Avatr 11 2023.

Changan Huawei Avatr 11 2023.

Changan Huawei Avatr 11 2023. Avatr 11: luxury crossover sedan from Changan, Huawei and CATL hits the market.

Chinese startup Avatr Technology, formed as a collaboration between automobile company Changan, IT giant Huawei and battery manufacturer CATL, announced prices and equipment for its first and so far the only model — Avatr 11.

Orders are being taken and the first production units will be shipped to customers in December of this year.

The Avatr 11 debuted as a concept car last November, last April the company showed its debut as a limited edition 011 MMW, made with the participation of the creative director of the French fashion house Givenchy, Matthew M. Williams.

The Avatr 011 MMW will be produced in 500 copies at a price of 600,000 yuan each (5.38 million rubles at current exchange rates), all of them will be «full stuffing» and with unique decor from the French couturier, well, the regular versions, as it turned out today, will cost much cheaper.

At the moment, all versions have two-engine power plant (one on each axle) with maximum efficiency of 425 kW (578 hp) and 650 Nm.

The basic version for 349,900 yuan (3.14 million rubles) is equipped with a 750-volt battery with a capacity of 90 kWh and can drive 555 kilometers on a single charge according to the Chinese CLTC.

Changan Huawei Avatr 11 2023.

The maximum charging capacity is 240 kW, it allows charging from 0 to 80% in 25 minutes and from 30 to 80% — in 15 minutes.

Acceleration to 100 km/h takes 3.98 seconds, the maximum speed is limited at 200 km/h. Curb weight is 2280 kg.

The version with extended range and 116 kWh battery costs from 409,900 yuan (3.68 million rubles), it can go 680 kilometers on a single charge under the CLTC cycle, but gets the first «hundred» is a little slower — for 4.5 seconds.

Time to charge the battery from 0 to 80% at 240 kW is 45 minutes, from 30 to 80% — in 25 minutes. Curb weight is 2365 kg.

Changan Huawei Avatr 11 2023.

The Avatr 11 is based on CHN platform of its own design. The front suspension is on the double wishbones, rear — multilever.

Disc brakes with four-piston calipers are supplied by Brembo. Overall length of the electric car — 4880 mm, width — 1970 mm, height — 1601 mm, wheelbase — 2975 mm.

The Avatr 011 looks like a coupe-like crossover, but its trunk lid is separated from the fixed narrow rear window, so it is a cross-sedan or cross-fastback, as the third volume is not clearly expressed in profile.

A retractable active spoiler is built into the trunk lid. There are only two trunks, front and rear, but their volume is not specified.

Changan Huawei Avatr 11 2023.

The backs of the rear sofa can be folded down, but there is no flat floor — there is a step.

The style of Avatr 11 was developed in the own design studio of the company, located in Munich (Germany) — so it looks more European than Asian, from the stern the Avatr 11 slightly reminds Aston Martin DBX.

The doors have frameless windows, and door handles, as it is fashionable now, are retractable.

Artificial vision organs (lidars, radars, cameras, ultrasonic sensors, etc.) are organically integrated into the body, which will allow you to run a full-fledged autopilot in theory.

No one knows when it will happen in practice.

The digital platform for Avatr 11 was developed by Huawei, and the interior is not overloaded with screens, and their size does not strike the imagination.

Changan Huawei Avatr 11 2023.

The left and right screens on the front have a diagonal of 10.25 inches, the central one — 15.6 inches.

In the rich configurations, the second row has two separate massage chairs with a high «bollard» between them, in which a bar and a platform for wireless charging of a smartphone are built in.

Other Avatr models on the CHN platform are just around the corner. The Chinese company wants to enter the global market and become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium electric cars by 2030, with sales of 4.5 million cars per year.

In fact, it is another attempt to catch up and overtake Tesla.

For comparison, we shall say that the crossover Tesla Model Y of Shanghai assembly costs in China from 319,900 yuan for the version with one engine and rear drive, all-wheel drive — from 394,900 yuan, thus Model Y has slightly more compact dimensions (length — 4,750 mm, wheelbase — 2891 mm) and not so luxurious interior «on maxims» as the «Chinese» have.

Whether the Avatr brand has appeared in Russia is still unknown.

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