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Changan Uni-K 2021.

Changan Uni-K 2021.

Changan Uni-K 2021.

Changan Uni-K 2021: a premium large SUV from the Middle Kingdom.
Chinese brands have already taught their fans that sometimes they can «charge» something quite modern and expensive, which stands out for its «coolness» from the rest of the lineup.

These new products include Changan Uni-K 2021, which was shown in Guangzhou in November 2020. This SUV can hardly be called a restyling of something already produced by the Chinese earlier, because the exterior, technical filling and interior were created from scratch, albeit with an eye on the experience of world automakers.

Against the background of all this, the high price of the crossover does not seem so unjustified, because the novelty, in fact, turned out to be stylish and bright, at the same time very reliable and comfortable both when moving around the city and on a long journey.


Changan Uni-K 2021.

The outlines of the new model are somewhat reminiscent of modern SUVs from Honda, which are able, with an average length, width and height, to seem larger than they really are.

Judging by the first photo of the novelty, it will receive a rather harmonious relief, bright lighting equipment and ultra-modern air intake elements, making the car look more expensive even than the rather high cost that will be requested for this car.

The front projection of the 2021 Changan Uni-K will receive a small, noticeably sloping windshield, turning into a bonnet cover that is devoid of prominent relief, but has a slight slope.

Next comes the finest LED head optics, which looks like a single unit with a huge main air intake, consisting of a large number of hexagonal strips, painted in body color.

Below you can find a massive body kit with large slots along the edges, a platform for the number, as well as elegant LED fog lights in the form of a Y letter laid on its side.

Changan Uni-K 2021.

The profile of the new body reveals a high-rise window line with small, regular-shaped glass divided by black-gloss partitions, a smooth relief with circular wheel arches and original stampings in the lower part, as well as original body handles recessed into the doors.

All this is complemented by small oval mirrors, pseudo-air intakes near the lower edges of the front doors, as well as huge wheel disks with an original pattern.

The rear of the Changan Uni-K 2021 begins with a massive but slender visor, in the middle of which, on a raised platform, is a two-piece stop light repeater.

Below there is a sloping glass of a medium-sized tailgate, and then — the main part of the door with elegant, highly elongated in length and visually connected by an LED strip, blocks of side lights, as well as a simple relief with stamping under the license plate.

The stern ends with a massive bumper, which includes aerodynamic elements and a powerful protective insert made of black plastic with narrow fog lights and cutouts for the exhaust pipe trunks along the edges.

Changan Uni-K 2021.


The entire interior of the new Changan Uni-K 2021 model year was not declassified at the November presentation, and the manufacturers do not hide the fact that it may be refined.

However, it is known that the finishing materials of the crossover — plastic, fabrics, leather and metal-like inserts — will be impeccably premium, and the seats will be very comfortable, providing comfortable travel at any distance.

Control and management bodies

The dashboard of the novelty is designed in the form of a small digital screen, shifted as close as possible to the windshield. Immediately behind it is a steering wheel with a large number of buttons on the side spokes and lining at the top and bottom.

The dashboard of the car is a cut rectangular insert with a trapezoidal display on touch control, as well as several vents for the ventilation system and buttons for working with the climate system and the most important cabin options.

Below begins a slightly «lifted» upward tunnel with an elegant gear selector. Also here you can find a dozen physical keys and «twists», a modest organizer and a rather comfortable armrest with another glove compartment inside.


There will be only five seats in the car, but each passenger and driver will receive space not only in the legs, but also in the shoulders, and the seats themselves are distinguished by a comfortable shape and soft filling.

Changan Uni-K 2021.

The front row can change position using both electrical and mechanical drives, be heated and, in some top-end configurations, ventilated.

The back row is represented by a one-piece sofa, which can easily accommodate three adult riders, and if there are two of them, you can fold down the comfortable armrest in the middle.

Of course, it will be possible to slightly tilt the back of this structure. The second row can be easily transformed in order to increase the luggage compartment, the exact dimensions of which are still unknown.


The crossover from Changan will receive good performance, allowing motorists to cope with most road situations.

The uncontested two-liter turbo engine will show 230 «horses», which can be transferred both to the front and to all wheels at once using the eight-speed «automatic» Asin.

A test drive of the novelty has not yet been carried out, so it is difficult to name its strengths and weaknesses, however, low fuel consumption can definitely be included in the “Chinese” asset: it is declared at the level of 7.5-8 liters per hundred kilometers.

Options and prices

In the Celestial Empire, buyers will be presented with three complete sets of Changan Uni-K. The initial cost will be about 27 thousand dollars.

In Russia, the price of the cheapest crossover will be about 29.5 thousand units of the American currency.

Sales start in Russia

At home, the novelty will debut at the beginning of next 2021. The release date in Russia, if it happens, will not happen until the summer of 2021.

Competing models

Among the main rivals of the Chinese in the fight for the buyer’s wallet are Mazda CX-5, Nissan Murano, and Lexus RX.

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