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Changan Uni-T 2022.

Changan Uni-T 2022.

Changan Uni-T 2022.

Changan Uni-T 2022: crossover with elements of premium design and special equipment.

Chinese car brand CAG has successfully debuted on the European market a new modification of the hybrid crossover Changan Uni-T, which can create serious competition to advanced Asian and European counterparts.

The new model in three available configurations demonstrates premium body design style, refined interior, dynamic acceleration and speed characteristics of the gasoline-engine-electric power tandem.


Expressive elements of a futuristic layout predominate in the design of the novelty.

Judging by the statements of authoritative experts, carefully thought-out restyling of the modernized premium crossover is ahead of its time for at least 5-6 years.

With all the variety of design solutions of single-type developments, the Changan 2022 sample is distinguished by its exclusive exterior, allowing the crossover to be identified in the dense traffic flows of megapolises and super high-speed freeways.

In the photo, the stylish, dynamic and presentable five-door of the Chinese automobile industry demonstrates in the most favorable front view:

double stepped sidewalls, a gentle slope angle and a rounded front edge of the massive hood;
wedge-shaped contours of the fog lights;
decorative chrome-plated logo and textured grid of the X-shaped radiator grille.
A positive visual perception is created by the block arrangement of the LED headlights and front brake circuit cooling diffusers, as well as the large-cell trapezoid of the front air intake built into the body plastic.

Changan Uni-T 2022.

In the design of the front, the sports-aggressive nature of the crossover is marked by the dominance of ribbed, functional and decorative body reliefs. In the list of bright accents there is a shaped golden overlay of the dodger.

The side projection of the novelty looks a bit extravagant. The attention is attracted:

orange coloring of the upper window half-perimeter with black gloss plastic window trim;
the classic, elegant style of the oval mirrors;
longitudinal stepped profiles of body sides;
the relief contours of the square contours of the wheel arches.
The presence of a certain all-terrain potential is confirmed by the plastic protection of the lower body contour and the increased format of 19-inch dark-colored wheel disks.

Commitment to the features of the classic crossover style is confirmed by the design of the rear of the body. In the presence of:

The sharp, semicircular edge of the spoiler plate;
sloping rear glazing and vertical trunk door;
Angular contours of interesting in design and graphics clearance and stop lights.

In the design of the aft plane of the body looks excellent relief textured bumper and metal-plastic dodger with cutouts for the exit of the exhaust pipes.

Changan Uni-T 2022.

Decorating properties are assigned to the color accents of the body, chrome-plated logos, as well as a variety of stepped and wavy reliefs.

Visually, the new 2022 Changan Wu-T body is perceived as solid and monolithic, although with a certain amount of excessive massiveness.


According to available information, a spacious and comfortable cabin of the new Chinese five-door will retain the layout and ergonomic solutions of its predecessor.

The main emphasis will be made on the expansion of the finishing and decorative range, as well as the functional onboard technical and electronic equipment.

In particular, the front panel has got increased formats of the virtual-digital instrument panel and the media-command display located on the console.

The central tunnel has been upgraded with additional functionality of organizers and increased volume of the refrigerator compartment built into the armrest.

The command buttons of the sports steering wheel will be supplemented with useful functions.

Changan Uni-T 2022.

The new generation of Changan Uni-T 2022 demonstrates a premium set of electronic options.

The list includes navigation systems and three-zone climate control, road marking monitoring, emergency braking, video surveillance of blind spots.

Pilot seat packages include:

full transverse-lumbar support;
extended list of operational settings;
Ventilation and heating circuits, the top version promises a two-mode vibromassage.

Less perfect seating and road service of the rear sofa includes adjustable backrest tilt, panel with ports for connecting external gadgets and adjustment of microclimate.

Transformation of the second row seats allows you to increase the loading volume of the 500-liter luggage compartment by three times.

Technical Specifications

The body length of the new Changan is 4,515 mm, width and height are 1,870 and 1,565 mm. Wheelbase is 2710, the clearance height is 180 mm. In the advantages of the undercarriage:

The reliable and efficient advantages of the tandem of the Macpherson and spring-torsion suspension;
stabilizers lateral stability and disc brakes;
electronic safety systems and other useful options.

Changan Uni-T 2022.

The post-restyled crossover comes equipped with a highly economical, 1.5-liter, gasoline engine with 180 hp/300 N-m output and a front-wheel-drive 7-band robotized transmission.

A test drive showed a time to reach the first hundred of 8 s, a maximum speed of 205 km/h and an average fuel consumption of 6.3 liters per 100 km of run.

Features and prices

On EU markets the new Changan Uni-T 2022 will be available in four versions. Given the number and properties of comfort equipment, the price in rubles will be formed in the range of 1.3-1.6 million.

Sales start in Russia

The official release date in Russia has not been announced. According to experts, the novelty will go on sale at the beginning of 2022.


According to the latest forecasts, the novelty of the Chinese brand CAG will be in demand at the level of promoted models class Volkswagen Tiguan, Kia Sportage, Mazda CX-5 and Hyundai Tucson.

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