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Changan Uni-V 2022.

Changan Uni-V 2022.

Changan Uni-V 2022.

Changan Uni-V 2022 is a liftback with a retractable spoiler and sport mode.

The Chinese auto industry continues to gain momentum, as evidenced by the appearance of new developments.

Not so long ago a premiere demonstration of Uni-V from Changan was held in Guangzhou, which was announced in summer.

The new car is a representative of the «innovative» family Uni, where at the moment there are already two crossovers — Uni-K and Uni-T.

Now the series will be complemented by a new model in the body of a liftback version with a large stern door, which is equipped with an electric drive.

Although previously the developers called the car a sedan, which does not quite fit, because the tailgate is quite short for such a design of the rear body.


With the current urban SUVs Changan Uni-V is united by a common design approach:

The lack of clear boundaries of the grille;
relief sidewalls;
Angular contour of the multifunctional headlights;
trapezoidal layout of the radiator grille.

Also draws attention to the semicircular hood edge, as well as the rather large dimensions of the air intake. Fog lights are interesting — a three-row design (built into the diffusers).

Changan Uni-V 2022.

Sporty body relief, strict lines of decorative chrome plates, license plate trim — all this gives the front of the car aggression.

In general, the front end looks not only expressive and stylish, but presentable and elegant at the same time.

From the side view you can notice notes of a fastback. First of all, due to the aerodynamic contour of the roof, which is a characteristic feature for sports cars. This is complemented by the arched execution of the side glazing.

The designers originally approached the realization of the rear-view mirrors. The door handles are made retractable, as in the other two representatives of the Uni family.

Wheel arches are framed with flat flat «edging» and in addition to this, there is a spoke pattern of rims with the size from 17 to 18 inches.

Rounding out the image are the side «muscle» reliefs. In appearance, the entire side of the body resembles a panther that is ready to make a decisive leap.

Changan Uni-V 2022.

Developing the design of the new liftback, engineers relied on the layout of European crossovers. The result is original:

The rear window is high and has a semi-oval configuration.
The compact trunk lid is decorated with a spoiler, there is a company logo, as well as an optical crosspiece between the rear lights.

The protruding bumper contains a pronounced diffuser, as well as large-sized exhaust pipes.

Two-tiered rear bumper — the upper part overhangs the lower part where the fog lights and reverse lights are located.

Regarding the spoiler — when the car is moving at high speed its height is automatically set for downforce (25 kg).

The silhouette of the body together with the retractable spoiler allows you to improve the aerodynamics of the car. As for the optics themselves, all instruments are LED-filled, including the strip on the luggage compartment door.

In general, the Changan Uni-V 2022 model year finds mostly positive feedback. In this regard, a full restyling is probably not expected in the future, except for a cosmetic procedure.

Changan Uni-V 2022.

Interior and equipment

The interior is made on a modern basis, and stylistically reminiscent of the interior of the model Uni-K. There is also some similarity with Peugeot.

In particular, a compact almost oval sports steering wheel. Under the single trapezoidal block, the designers placed two displays:

A modern digital dashboard.
Touchscreen of the multimedia complex.

The lower part of the central console contains a control unit with touch and analog keys.

The tunnel between the front row seats in turn bears maximum resemblance to many modern crossovers.

The onboard electronic system contains the necessary digital assistants, including an autopilot of 3 levels, 6 surveillance cameras, as well as several radars and parktronic.

A three-zone climate control system is on the equipment list.

The steering column also includes a camera that can track driver fatigue, and is linked to the Face ID system. All the settings are also adjusted for it.

The sports orientation of the car indicates not only the external image of the new «Chinese» in the layout of the cabin is also traced notes of style.

Besides the steering wheel, there are all 5 seats, and the pilot seats are equipped with side support, have heating and ventilation. In addition, a wide list of adjustments is provided.

The rear-row sofa can accommodate three people. Uncomplicated folding allows you to expand the luggage space.

Some local Chinese reviewers have already seen the new «sedan» and say that people with a height of over 175mm will have to squeeze, but the trunk itself is not inferior to the Skoda Octavia.

The novelty managed to pass the test drive and showed a low level of external and internal noise background.

The suspension also showed efficiency, and the power plant showed acceleration dynamics and good speed characteristics. On the whole, everything looks functional and practical.

Changan Uni-V 2022.

Technical Specifications

The designers put the «Chinese» on the same modular platform, which is the basis of the two relatives of the Uni family. There are McPherson struts in the front of the bogie, and the engineers have placed a multilever design in the back.

In terms of dimensions the Changan Uni-B model is maximally close to the parameters of the same Czech car Skoda Octavia, although the parameters of the wheelbase of the Czech is less.

Dimensions of the new «Chinese» Uni series

Length (mm) — 4 680
Width (mm) — 1 838
Height (mm) — 1 430
Wheelbase (mm) — 2 750
Ground clearance (mm) — 150

The power tandem is represented by a turbocharged 1.5 engine with an output of 188 hp (300 Nm). (300 Nm) and 8-band automatic transmission Aisin.

Drive in a novelty is only front. The maximum speed limit is 205 km/h. Also the «Super Race» mode is available from the base.

To activate it the designers have placed a bright button on the center console. In the future, we expect to see a model with a two-liter four-cylinder unit under the hood.

Release date and prices

The Changan Uni-V is expected to be released at home in the first quarter of 2022. Initially it will be a basic package, but over time should appear hybrid modification.

Along with the delivery of the car to the local market, manufacturer Changan plans to launch an online application Uni Planet Growth Plan 2.0 to collect feedback regarding the cars to build on the opinions of car enthusiasts during new developments.

The liftback is also due to arrive at Russian dealers, but with a noticeable delay. Perhaps only near the end of the year. Chinese novelty is estimated at 135,000 yuan, which in terms of rubles will be about 1.6 million (at the current exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation).

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