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Chery Exeed Exlantix 2024.

Chery Exeed Exlantix 2024.

Chery Exeed Exlantix 2024.

Chery has announced a new Exeed Exlantix electric sedan: it has already been shown in the photo.

Despite the demand for crossovers, the Chinese brand is preparing to debut a new sedan.

Teaser images of the Exeed Exlantix 2024 have appeared in the media. As reported, the car under this name will go to other countries of the world, but the exact list where it will appear is not reported.

But now there is an opportunity to get acquainted with its appearance and some characteristics.

By the way, this is the first sedan in the premium class line, which has already aroused some interest from fans. In addition, it will be an electric car.

As for the published photos, the sedan is shown in disguise, but its outlines are clearly visible.

In particular, a body with smooth curves is visible, which indicates good aerodynamics.

The wheels are also hidden under a camouflage film, so it is impossible to see their design.

The glasses are made large enough so that a good view will be offered.

Chery Exeed Exlantix 2024.

It is noteworthy that in the description of the photo the index “E08” appears, but most likely this is just a factory index.

Insiders claim that the teasers show the export version of Exeed Sterra ES.

In general, there are indeed some similarities between them. If this is true, then we can already assume their similar characteristics.

Chery Exeed Exlantix 2024.

So, the Chinese version of the model has a length of 4,950 mm and a width of 1,960 mm. The cabin offers a lot of modern technologies, which can go to the export variation.

Nevertheless, the sedan will be presented at the Shanghai Motor Show, where all its characteristics will be revealed.

Chery Exeed Exlantix 2024.

A few days ago, the auto giant Chery in Shanghai held the premiere of a large electric SUV Exeed Exlantix E0Y 2024 model year. The day before, the company talked about when the cross will reach the territory of Russia.

Quite a lot is already known about the new product. So, a crossover was built on the basis of the E0X architecture, for which an electrical system, air suspension and a fully controlled chassis mechanism are provided. The length of the cross reaches 5 meters, and its width is almost 2 meters.

Chery Exeed Exlantix 2024.

Of the main nuances of the exterior of the SUV, one can note a single strip of LEDs that replaced the usual DRLs, an LED taillight plate, as well as a display in place of the radiator grill, where the driver can display information for pedestrians.

Exeed Exlantix E0Y received a 480-horsepower electrical installation, which allows you to accelerate a car to 100 km / h in 3 seconds.

The installed battery will provide the cross with an autonomous run of 700 km. In the Russian market SUV is expected next year.

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