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Chery Exeed VX 2022.

Chery Exeed VX 2022.

Chery Exeed VX 2022.

A blogger disassembled a «premium» Exeed VX for 4 million: is it that good?

A video in which the blogger Ilya Sviridov disassembled the flagship crossover Chery — 5-meter Exeed VX — appeared on Youtube channel «Club Service».

The review showed a car with a maximum configuration President, which cost the buyer 3.7 million rubles, and now it already costs 4.08 million.

The three-row all-wheel-drive crossover Exeed VX is the most technologically advanced Chery model, but Sviridov immediately paid attention to the sloppily painted body.

In particular, he was upset by the presence of streaks under the varnish.

At the same time the expert noticed that the body of the model is solid and neatly welded.

The fasteners and reinforcements remind those of the Volkswagen models, while the doors have slyly shaped longitudinal braces.

Chery Exeed VX 2022.

According to the developers, the body of Chinese SUV is galvanized, but Sviridov still noticed a few exposed areas — these are the suspension arms made of black metal and the exhaust system lines.

The underbody itself is treated with a soft protective compound, but it has no protective shields.

Moreover, the air conditioner pipes are laid here without tunnels, and are badly fixed.

Chery Exeed VX 2022.

The quality of seals and moldings the blogger calls «European»: the Chinese obviously did not skimp on these elements.

But he complained about the «disposability» of clips and some plastic parts of the interior trim, which are easy to break during removal.

Chery Exeed VX 2022.

Further disassembly of the car revealed that there were some vibro-insulation fragments glued along its body, while in the arches there was a usual soft gasket.

And practically the whole area of the floor was covered with thick multilayer polymer sheets.

Despite such heterogeneity of materials, the blogger praised the factory noise insulation, noting that it coped with its task.

Among other positive points Sviridov noted quite good wiring harnesses and smartly placed electronic control units.

Chery Exeed VX 2022.

But the author of the video considered a petrol turbo-engine to be too difficult.

We shall remind that this motor has an aluminum block, light-alloy head and direct injection.

The resource of the power unit and Getrag robot is not clear yet. To summarize, Ilya Sviridov said that the Exeed VX is not so far away from the usual Chery.

The man does not consider it a premium crossover, pointing out that it is seriously inferior in equipment to a number of European models.


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