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Chery Jetour X90 Plus 2021.

Chery Jetour X90 Plus 2021.

Chery Jetour X90 Plus 2021.

Chery Jetour X90 Plus 2021. The Chery sub-brand has another big SUV, and it’s cheaper than the Kreta.

The Jetour brand is bringing the X90 Plus crossover to the home market.

At the moment, the model is offered with two engines to choose from, but the range may be expanded later. All-wheel drive never showed up.

About the success of the young brand Jetour (was created by Cheri in 2018), we have already told, so again we will not dwell on the sales results.

We will only remind you that the project was successful, so much so that the brand was turned into a separate company, but fully owned by Chery.

Until today, the lineup included crossovers X70, X90 and X95, plus variations of «seventies» (Coupe, a simplified version X70M and electric version). Now they are joined by another SUV — X90 Plus.

In fact, it is a restyling of the «ninetieth», but the former crossover will not disappear from sales (with the X70 the same story).

Chery Jetour X90 Plus 2021.

Well, the most interesting thing is that originally under the name X90 Plus were going to sell upgraded X95!

A crossover with prefix «plus» in the name was presented in April at the Shanghai Motor Show; the shape of windows and darkened back racks looked like «ninety-five» in that car.

But in August, at the Chengdu show, the X90 Plus made from Ninoties has made its debut.

By the way, in May-June in the base of the Chinese Ministry of Industry introduced photos of two Pluses — based on the X90 and X95.

Chery Jetour X90 Plus 2021.

However, these crossovers are still unified as much as possible, and it is possible that later another variety will enter the market. But let’s go back to the parkette, the sales of which started today.

So, Jetour X90 Plus got new bumpers, a huge grille with horizontal bars and lined up vertically LED sections of the running lights.

The headlights are from X95, but the rear lights are original, they are connected to each other by glowing and chrome stripes.

The length of the Plus is 4,858 mm, and the crossover fits between the X90 (4,840 mm) and the X95 (4,875 mm).

Chery Jetour X90 Plus 2021.

Wheelbase is the same 2850 mm as the «ninety» (the X95 has 2855 mm). Width and height are the same for all three models — 1925 and 1780 mm, respectively.

Inside there is a virtual dashboard and multimedia screen hidden under the same glass as in «just» X90 and X95.

The Plus has its own «chips» — a new joystick for the box, the air deflectors have a different shape, in addition for the management of «climate» is responsible narrow touch screen panel, while the «ninety» and «ninety-five» has a full display with washers.

«The base still has all-around view cameras and cruise control, and the top version gets wireless charging for smartphone, adaptive «cruise», the system of auto braking and lane-keeping.

As well as the X90/X95, the X90 Plus is available with five-, six- or seven-seater interior, in the latter case the seats are arranged on the scheme 2+3+2.

Chery Jetour X90 Plus 2021.

Engines are the same as in other Jetsurs: petrol «turbo four» 1.5 TCI (156 hp, 230 Nm) and 1.6 TGDI (197 hp, 290 Nm), the first engine is combined with a 6 MPP or six-speed robotized transmission with two clutches, the second works in tandem with 7DCT.

Front-wheel drive only. Meanwhile, the X90 Plus has also been certified with a 2.0 turbo engine with 254 hp. (new for the family) — apparently, the crossover with such an engine will appear later.

Prices are traditionally very attractive for the brand: for the X90 Plus are asked 101 900 — 139 900 yuan (about 1 145 000 — 1 572 000 rubles at current exchange rates), with the first buyers will make a discount in the amount of 6000 yuan (67 000 rubles).

For comparison, a Hyundai ix25 crossover (that’s how the Creta is called in China) will cost 105,800 to 136,800 yuan (1,189,000 to 1,538,000 rubles).

The pre-reform Jetour X90 costs from 89,900 yuan (1,010,000 rubles), the X95 from 99,900 yuan (1,123,000 rubles; rich versions of the «ninety-five» are more expensive than the X90 Plus).

Jetour cars are also available outside of the Celestial Empire — in some countries in South America and the Middle East. But Chery has not announced any plans to bring this brand to the Russian market.

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