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Chery Tiggo 5x 2021.

Chery Tiggo 5x 2021.

Chery Tiggo 5x 2021.

Chery Tiggo 5x 2021: Cool budget crossover from China.
Inexpensive crossovers are now in huge demand in China. One of these is just Cherie Tiggo 5x, which has recently received a restyling, thanks to which the car has become even closer in many respects to the senior representatives of the brand.

The new model will slightly change externally, having received interesting decorative solutions, as well as a seriously redesigned interior, where now there are high-quality finishing materials, good multimedia and comfortable seats.

The characteristics of Cherie Tiggo 5x 2021 will be exactly the same as in the previous modification.


Even the photo shows that the new body is made in the corporate style of the Cheri brand. There is a huge amount of detail here that can be observed on almost all other representatives of the brand.

Chery Tiggo 5x 2021

The car boasts stylish optics, unusual air intakes, a whole scattering of relief of all kinds, protective inserts and elements that are painted in chrome or gloss black.

The front of the crossover is located at a low height, and also boasts modest dimensions. All this allows any person to feel comfortable while driving and to assess the situation on the road well.

The fact that the muzzle is tilted also contributes to excellent visibility. Ornaments are also abundant here. It all starts with a long bonnet, which has a central part slightly recessed into the body. Its lateral ribs, on the contrary, bulge noticeably outward, making the appearance more aggressive.

Under these protrusions you can see the stylish head optics that take on a polygonal shape. Xenon is used as a filling for it, both in the basic and in the extended configuration.

The middle of the bumper is set aside here for a polygonal air intake grille, which has a thin chrome frame, and inside contains a fine black mesh, decorated with the Cheri brand badge and many chrome stripes. Also on the bumper you can also notice the relief, which can be either stepped or wavy.

Quite a lot of space is allocated here for the body kit, which is filled with such elements as additional recesses on the sides with decorative inserts painted in gloss black, a plate for mounting a license plate, relief, a metal diffuser and a protective insert made of unpainted plastic that occupies most of the area.

Chery Tiggo 5x 2021.

The crossover is stylishly executed on the sides. From above, the profile part boasts a polygonal large figure, which consists of windows, divided into parts and framed by exclusively black stripes that have a small width.

This part is also complemented by neat rear-view mirrors, which take an almost triangular shape and are decorated in any modification with additional turn signals.

The main part of the body here includes only a wave-like relief, but from below you can see swollen wheel arches, a decorative insert painted in chrome, as well as protective elements made of unpainted plastic that run along the entire lower perimeter.

The crossover looks menacing from the back. This part of the car is located at a slight slope, and its area is mainly reserved for the tailgate.

It includes a visor, which is a continuation of the roof and supplemented with stop signals, a small window, stylish marker signals of rather large dimensions, connected by a chrome strip, numerous nameplates, also painted in chrome, a recess for a license plate and other relief.

Unlike the front, not so much space has been allocated for the body kit. Most of its area is allocated under a protective layer of unpainted plastic. It also features fog lights, a metal insert, and a pair of false air intakes. The real exhaust is located under the body.

Chery Tiggo 5x 2021.


Changes inside the car are noticeable even with the naked eye. The new Cherie Tiggo 5x 2021 model year is seriously close in terms of equipment to its older brothers.

The interior of the car will be made with good fabrics, artificial leather, as well as metals and plastics. The multimedia equipment has improved here, thanks to which any trip will bring even more positive emotions. Comfortable seating also contributes to this.

The dashboard now has a rather laconic look. The most important part on it is the large touchscreen monitor, through which most of the settings are made.

This is followed by a start button for the motor and a pair of asymmetrical deflectors. Even below is a narrow strip filled with analog buttons.

Then the dashboard smoothly passes into the tunnel, which includes a climate control panel with a small monitor and washers, a technical console, cup holders and an armrest with a large glove compartment inside.

There will always be five seats in the car. They are all finished with either fabrics or artificial leather.

They will also receive heating, side support, position adjustments, head restraints and other options that slightly improve comfort.

Chery Tiggo 5x 2021.


In its home region, Chery Tiggo 5x 2021 will be driven by a classic 1.5-liter petrol engine that produces 118 horsepower.

A five-speed mechanic or a variator will work with him. In other countries, the car can also be purchased with a turbocharged version of this engine, which already produces 160 forces and is equipped with a six-gear robot.

Options and prices

The price of the updated crossover has not yet been announced.

Release date in Russia

The start of sales in Russia will begin closer to autumn 2020. In the Celestial Empire, a car can already be purchased.


The car’s rivals are Renault Duster, Mazda CX-3 and Geely Coolray.

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