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Cheryexeed TXL 2021.

Cheryexeed TXL 2021.

Cheryexeed TXL 2021.

In China, the Chery brand appeared two years ago with the premium Exeed brand, but for the Russian market they decided to combine these two words together, without spaces or hyphens.

So, welcome: Cheryexeed and its first model — TXL all-wheel drive crossover. His price is also quite premium. Let’s try to figure out whether it is worth overpaying compared to the «regular» Chery.

What does he look like

As is customary today with leading Chinese brands, the European — British Kevin Rice, who previously worked at Opel, Saab, Italdesign, Mazda, then left for BMW, returned to Mazda, and then began to work at Chery, was responsible for the design of Cheryexeed TXL.

The crossover looks good — it is the most «European» in terms of exterior and, perhaps, the cutest car from China. At the back and three-quarters it looks like a Porsche Cayenne, at the front it looks like a Range Rover Velar or Evoque, but overall, the TXL has a modern and complete look.

First of all, the spectacular lanterns are remembered, which are connected, as is now customary, by a narrow diode strip, as well as a massive radiator grille and narrow headlights. But openwork discs are not very suitable for him.

What’s inside him

The salon looks solid: armchairs embroidered with fashionable diamonds, modern architecture, interesting design.

A three-spoke steering wheel with a rim cut from the bottom and a huge piece of tinted chrome sets it up for a sporty mood, but the section of the rim is strangely shaped — and the thickness is too small.

Cheryexeed TXL 2021.

All panels are soft to the touch, the box in the center armrest is double-winged in a Mercedes-style, the seats are comfortable, but the lumbar support is too low and there is nothing you can do about it.

Power driver’s seat — with a confused memory function, which is hidden in the jungle of the multimedia system menu. If you do not save the settings to one of the three cells, the seat will move to the previously memorized position every time the ignition is turned on.

Puzzling is the gearbox joystick, which you need to pull twice to change the mode each time — like on the Volvo XC40, for example. What for?! But the biggest problem is the black glossy plastic that covers the central tunnel. It glares, scratches, and just already set the teeth on edge.

It is a pity that TXL has no other design options on the Russian market, except for the black interior and aluminum panels. The 10.25-inch digital dashboard screen is colorful, but you can’t change the filling.

And I really want to, because the design and arrangement of the elements are so-so. For example, the readings of the speedometer and tachometer are presented only in the form of flickering numbers — no scales and arrows.

The 10.1-inch center display is pretty decent too, but the interface would be worth some more work. The multimedia system supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interfaces, the Arkamys audio system plays well — although for some reason there are no equalizer settings in principle.

Cheryexeed TXL 2021.

There is a circular view system, but the image quality from the cameras for some reason leaves much to be desired. Yes, there is also some kind of AQS air quality control system, which, when turned on, emits a bluish light from under the center console. It is comfortable to sit, the adjustment ranges are sufficient, except that I would like to tilt the seat cushion harder.

The second row is even more spacious than the front. And the TXL does not have a third row in principle. The sofa can be folded to increase the trunk from 461 liters to a cubic meter, but the atypically low back is puzzling — as if the second row is designed only for stunted passengers.

But the stock of space in length allows you to comfortably stretch your legs. It is a pity that there are no amenities as such — no heated sofa, no tables.

All that remains is to look into the large panoramic roof, which is available in the top version of the Flagship. By the way, almost all the equipment, except, perhaps, the all-round visibility system, a set of driver’s assistants and LED optics, is also in the basic version of Luxury.

What is it made of

Cheryexeed TXL is built on the Chinese Chery M3X modular platform with MacPherson struts in the front and multi-link rear suspension.

The drive is full, with an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch of the American firm BorgWarner on the rear axle. The gearbox, interestingly, is a German seven-speed «robot» Getrag with two «wet» clutches.

Cheryexeed TXL 2021.

The engine is still Chinese — a gasoline «turbo four» F4J16 of its own production with distributed fuel injection with a volume of 1.6 liters and a capacity of 186 horsepower.

Moreover, Chery claims that this is the first engine from China that meets the Euro 6 environmental standard. True, the version for the domestic market has a slightly higher power — 197 «horses».

How he drives

And the motor is vigorous! It pulls well from a place, confidently picks up on the move — although it feels like the peak of thrust occurs at high revs, as if it were aspirated.

There is no tangible pickup, but there is no turbo lag either. Be that as it may, from zero to 100 km / h TXL starts in 9.8 seconds — not bad. True, the engine is very gluttonous — in the combined cycle, it stably came out at 14-15 liters.

The seven-speed Getrag «robot» with wet clutches shifts smoothly, but not very quickly. But the box gets under way and is completely abrupt, with a tangible push — and after some thought.

He does not like the German «robot» and lingering traffic jams — sometimes he starts to fuss inappropriately. In general, his work cannot be called predictable.

The steering is quite accurate, although the feedback is rather artificial. The crossover steers quickly, draws a trajectory well in corners, although it staggers in ruts, keeps a straight line well.

The handling is reliable, no surprises. The suspension from the first meters of the way may seem harsh, but in fact it turns out to be very energy-intensive and elastic.

Cheryexeed TXL 2021.

It does not allow swinging and perfectly holds the blow on any irregularities, but on chipped or rough asphalt it sometimes transmits itching to the interior.

The four-wheel drive is set up well — the clutch connects the rear axle on time, the electronics monitors the hitch in the snow or mud, so the cross-country ability is limited only by the «geometry».


It seems that the English word Exceed, from which the name of the newly-made Chinese brand comes from, means some kind of superiority — in all senses, but I do not see any advantages of TXL over any «ordinary» Chery, be it Tiggo 8 or Tiggo 7 Pro.

Except for one, of course — all-wheel drive. The German “robot” can also be added to the “pluses” — after all, it works more responsively than the variator.

Based on the totality of impressions, to put it mildly, it is difficult to understand why Cheryexeed is better.

Especially considering the significantly higher price. See for yourself: Tiggo 7 Pro starts at 1,559,000 rubles, Tiggo 8 — from 1,629,000 rubles.

Prices for Cheryexeed TXL start at 2,249,000 rubles excluding dealer discounts and other special offers. Even the three-row Tiggo 8 Pro starts at 1,799,000 rubles.

The basic TXL version called Luxury is already packed with leather interior, power driver’s seat and tailgate, dual-zone climate, digital tidy, rearview camera, light and rain sensors, 18-inch wheels and, all of a sudden, halogen headlights.

In the Flagship configuration, they will be LED, and in addition there will be a panoramic roof, an electric passenger seat, an all-round visibility system, a parking lot, a blind spot monitoring system and 19-inch wheels.

But, I repeat, absolutely not so «ordinary» Chery is worse, how much cheaper. The rest, of course, is a matter of taste — the design is really good.

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