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Chevrolet Cavalier Turbo 2022.

Chevrolet Cavalier Turbo 2022.

Chevrolet Cavalier Turbo 2022.

Chevrolet Cavalier Turbo 2022. The American brand «Chevrolet» decided to modernize the inexpensive and functional sedan of the «Cavalier» model range, which is popular in China.

The external layout and design solutions of the new version are partially copied from the similar analogue of the Chevy Monza, the restyling has left the main characteristics of the upgraded «Cavalier» without significant changes.

The assets of the novelty are a modern multimedia unit, advanced capabilities of component electronics and security systems.


The appearance of the new sedan does not in any way show its budgetary status.

The 2022 Chevrolet Cavalier Turbo demonstrates the main features of the corporate design, layout solutions typical for older models, bright and expressive accents of the body decor. In the photo full face, the new sedan model attracts attention:

aerodynamic ribbed hood profiles;
a large hexagonal format decorated with a logo and massive transverse louvres of the radiator grille;
wedge-shaped configuration of blocks of budget xenon optics.

Chevrolet Cavalier Turbo 2022.

Retro styling elements are visible in the block arrangement of the ventilation duct and diffusers of the cooling circuit of the front axle disc wheel brakes.

The entourage of the front end is successfully complemented by the dynamic angle of inclination of the front glazing, a pair of fog lights and a variety of ribbed reliefs of the external decor.

The profile projection of the sedan is dominated by a harmonious combination of everyday practicality and functionality, rare for budget models. In stock:

domed roof sloping towards the luggage compartment;
arched configuration and matte black perimeter of side windows with wide uprights;
oval mirrors equipped with turn signals and partially recessed door handles;
proportional ratio of body, stepped and wave reliefs.

Chevrolet Cavalier Turbo 2022.

The structural and design features of the body sidewalls include the precise circular geometry of the wheel arches and the interesting in concept and execution of the spoke design of 16-inch wheels.

The stern design includes elements of the classic sedan layout.

In sight:

shallow, dynamic angle of inclination of the rear glazing;
decorative spoiler supplemented with brand symbols and expressive reliefs of the tailgate;
an exclusive shape and an interesting schedule of multifunctional marker and stop lamps.

According to experts, the new sedan body looks stylish and presentable even against the background of more expensive analogues of the Asian and European range.


In the new generation Chevrolet Cavalier Turbo 2022 will delight potential buyers with high quality interior, decorative and finishing materials, the comfort of all five seats, the ergonomic arrangement of controls and the spaciousness of the luggage compartment.

Decorated with stepped reliefs, the two-color front panel includes a combined «tidy» with analog dials, a compact monitor of the on-board computer.

The upper unit of the console compactly houses decorative grilles for ventilation deflectors and a media command display with a 7-inch diagonal.

Chevrolet Cavalier Turbo 2022.

The dashboard is equipped with a control panel with washers for setting the internal microclimate. The typical configuration of the tunnel also includes:

manual transmission shift knob;
cup holders;
nominal list of travel organizers;
parking brake lever and armrest.

On-board electronics provide the driver and four fellow travelers with a full range of multimedia services, as well as assist the driver at high speeds and in difficult weather and road conditions.

The service of the pilot, crossover, seats offers elements of lateral support, adjustable head restraints for height and tilt, adjustment of positions and a heating system.

The seats for three fellow travelers are designed as a sofa with a reclining back and a very comfortable folding armrest.

On different trim levels of the sedan, the trunk volume varies in the range of 380-420 liters, with the possibility of a 2.5-fold increase due to a simple transformation of the back of the rear sofa.

Chevrolet Cavalier Turbo 2022.


The dimensions of the sedan body, renewed in design, with nominal changes are copied from the proprietary analogue of the Cobalt series, respectively 4544 x 1779 and 1467 mm.

In the basic parameters of the chassis of the post-reform sedan Chevrolet Cavalier Turbo 2022:

wheelbase 2600 mm and standard 150 mm ground clearance;
post-torsion bar suspension;
the presence of a stability stabilizer, disc brakes and active road safety systems.

The basic sedan «Cavalier Turbo» for the Latin American market is equipped with a power unit, which includes a 1.5-liter four-cylinder «aspirated» with an output of 109 hp / 183 Nm, working in conjunction with a front-wheel drive 6-speed manual transmission.

The test drive confirmed the characteristics of the power unit stated in the technical documentation, as well as the driving capabilities of the sedan itself corresponding to the budget status.

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