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Chevrolet Monza 2023.

Chevrolet Monza 2023.

Chevrolet Monza 2023.

The budget sedan Chevrolet Monza has been restyled: more solid and weaker.

«The four-door has got a new «face». The restyled model has only two engines out of the three available for the pre-reformed model, and both have reduced power output.

Chevrolet’s inexpensive sedan with a revived Monza name (in the 1970s that was the name of the youth «two-door», and in the 80s and 90s it was the Brazilian clone of the Opel Ascona) made its debut in 2018.

Initially, it was positioned as an exclusive for China, where the production is set up (the joint venture GM and SAIC is responsible for the production).

However, then the model appeared in other countries, but there is a nuance about it below.

In the Celestial Empire, the Monza launched in 2019, and today it leads the personal rating of the brand in that country, although last year sales fell by 35% to 86,130 units.

And now it’s time for the planned restyling: photos and characteristics of such a «four-door» were entered into the database of the Ministry of Industry of China.

Chevrolet Monza 2023.

Sedan got a new «front end». The radiator grille is still divided in two by a chrome strip, but the lower part is bigger now and is located at an angle, and the same «dividing» strip has «branches» (as in previously lit Chevy Seeker), the upper of which support the new, elongated headlights.

The stern, on the contrary, has not changed. By the way, judging by the black Chevy emblems, the certification photos depict «disguised» version (RS or Redline — still not clear), so the base Monza grille could have a different pattern.

In general, thanks to the new «face», the restyled sedan looks more solid than its predecessor.

Chevrolet Monza 2023.

The length of the upgraded «four-door» is 4656 mm, which is 26 mm more than the previous version «under the sports» (the index of pre-reform base sedan — 4614 mm), the height was reduced by 20 mm (now 1465 mm).

Width and wheelbase are the same — 1798 and 2640 mm, respectively.

Interior photos are not available. It’s possible that inside the Monza is also changed: for example, it could be equipped with a «two-layer» display, as in Chevrolet Tracker RS crossover.

The documents of Chinese Ministry of Industry still specify two engines out of the three provided for pre-reform sedan: petrol «turbo» LIY 1.3 and four-cylinder «atmospheric» L2B 1.5.

Chevrolet Monza 2023.

Both are slightly weaker, with 156 and 109 hp versus 163 and 113 hp. The old Monza is still available with a liter «turbo» LIW rated at 125 hp.

In addition, the restyled turbo versions can be offered as «soft» hybrids with 48-volt starter-generator.

Most likely, an updated sedan will also get an add-on, but whether the turbo engine 1.0 will remain is unknown.

There is no information about a box of modernized «four-door».

Chevrolet Monza 2023.

The former sedan with a liter «three» today is equipped with a six-speed robotized gearbox, the other versions are offered with the classic six-speed «automatic».

Restyled Chevrolet Monza is expected to reach Chinese market by the end of this year.

The model is also presented in Mexico and Panama, the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands, only there it is positioned as a Cavalier of the new generation.

Outside of China, a refreshed sedan is likely to appear in 2023.

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