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Chevrolet Traverse 2022.

Chevrolet Traverse 2022.

Chevrolet Traverse 2022.

The restyled Chevrolet Traverse crossover is coming to Russia with new versions.

It is expected that on the Russian market the big SUV will be available, including two «contested» versions. The engine is still the same, it is not affected by the reforms.

The three-row crossover Chevrolet Traverse with a length of almost 5.2 meters reached our country in 2018.

Along with the Tahoe SUV and the Trailblazer compact parkettes, this model is part of, shall we say, the brand’s «prestigious» range — the GM Russia division is directly responsible for sales (we still have budget Chevy vehicles of previous generations of Uzbek and Kazakh assembly, they are supplied by another firm).

It is hard to call Traverse a hit — last year it sold 207 units in Russia, and in January-September 2021 (more recent data are not available yet) it sold 175 units.

For comparison, dealers Toyota by results of three quarters of this year have sold 1296 crossovers Highlander.

Chevrolet Traverse 2022.

Nevertheless, it is planned to bring to us an updated Chevrolet Traverse: this crossover has already appeared on the Russian brand’s website, though mixed with photos of the pre-reformed model.

Restyling of the big SUV Chevy experienced last year, but even at home sales began only recently (delay, apparently, due to the pandemic and the crisis of supply of components).

The Traverse has a new grille, front bumper, headlights and taillights, and the fog lights are now framed by glowing «boomerangs».

The interior has a different dashboard and a new multimedia system.

Chevrolet Traverse 2022.

There is no separate complete list of options for our updated cross-country vehicle, as well as prices. But at the same time there are some versions on the website which the Traverse in the Russian Federation had never had before.

We are talking about «challenged» variants Sport Edition and Redline Edition.

The first package, judging by the site, is for the SUV LT version; such SUV has black grille, 18-inch wheels, roof rails and emblems.

The Redline kit is for the Traverse in the Premier configuration, features a grille with black glossy chrome trim, black same 20-inch wheels with red accents.

Chevrolet Traverse 2022.

Also to the restyling crossover in the Russian Federation will be put (depending on a version) the three-zoned climate control, leather interior, a two-section sunroof, round-view cameras, adaptive cruise control, systems of auto braking, lane-keeping, automatic switching of light of headlights and monitoring of «blind» zones.

As before, the Traverse will be offered in seven- or eight-seat configurations.

The engine and transmission look the same: 3.5 V6 and nine-speed automatic.

Capacity is not specified, but there is a passport time up to «hundred» — 7,6 seconds.

Our pre-reform SUV has the same indicator, so the engine still produces 318 hp.

Drive, most likely, exclusively front-wheel drive (as well as its predecessor in the Russian Federation, but in the States crossover is also front-wheel drive).

Chevrolet Traverse 2022.

We note that we couldn’t find the latest vehicle approval for Chevrolet Traverse in Rosstandart’s public database at the time of publishing this news.

The former cross was shipped to us from GM’s U.S. plant, and the restyling will likely come from the States as well.

It is expected that in Russia sales of the SUV with the new design will start next year.

Meanwhile pre-reform Chevrolet Traverse, though disappeared from the main page of the Russian site of the brand, but it still shows up in the configurator: from 3,909,900 rubles for configuration LT, and from 4,209,000 rubles for the Premier version.

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