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Chrysler Pacific 2021.

Chrysler Pacific 2021.

Chrysler Pacific 2021.

Chrysler Pacific 2021 — a new version of the minivan with a hybrid engine and four-wheel drive.
With the rampant popularity of crossovers, minivans are starting to die like a species. Why buy a long slurred passenger car, if you can take a 7-8-seater crossover with a hint of an SUV.

The Chrysler guys do not think so and offer their vision of demand with the new Pacifica 2020-2021 lineup after restyling, which will be popularized as almost the only market participant with all-wheel drive and a fresh hybrid installation.

Chrysler Pacific 2021.

Chrysler Pacific 2021. Specifications

Traditionally, let’s start with the main part — trolleys. The emphasis should be on the AWD mentioned four-wheel drive.
By default, the main thrust falls on the front axle, but in case of slipping or pressing the accelerator pedal “to the floor”, the rear axle will make itself felt due to the traditional clutch.

Also at the rear, the Chrysler Pacifica 2020 acquired electronic lateral stabilizers. By the way, with all-wheel drive, the minivan’s clearance increases by 20 mm.

A hybrid installation will be presented as an option to the top-end configuration. Here, the manufacturer provides for the installation of an atmospheric V6 gasoline engine in a 3.6-liter with a return of 263 hp. at 300 Hm, and the company will make him two electric trains.

As it’s not difficult to guess, there will be one motor for each axis. On the front is an aggregate of 86 hp, rear 116 hp
Also included is a variator and 16 kWh battery. It is stated that the owners have the opportunity to use exclusively electric traction. The distance is not small — 53 km. Naturally there is a function for charging from the outlet. So you can get from the suburbs without burning fuel.

Regarding the rest of the trim levels, all of them are also equipped with the aforementioned 3.6 liter aspirated. The transmission is represented by a 9-band automatic, and the consumption is declared in the region of 8.4 liters. Acceleration to hundreds — 8.6 seconds. According to the hybrid, the indicator has not yet been disclosed.

Chrysler Pacific 2021.

Given the price tag, the filling in the new Chrysler is full stuffing:

front and rear parking sensors, adaptive cruise, 2-zone climate,
blind spot monitoring, LED optics,
multimedia with 8.4-inch LCD
audio system with 10 speakers, heating and ventilation of all seats,
premium finishes,
all kinds of pressure sensors, temperature,
humidifier, full glazing, USB throughout the cabin,
contactless charging, fog lights front and rear,
18-inch alloys, 7-inch tidy (virtual),
launch from the button and much more.

Chrysler Pacific 2021.


Regarding the body of the Pacific, we can confidently say that it is the best in its class. He also pleases those who need maximum comfort and those who are still able to squeeze the maximum speed after delivering children to schools.

Compared with the old generation, the novelty has a more luxurious appearance and stylized elements. The one just in front resembles a premium crossover rather than a family man.

In front is now a large chrome radiator grille, more acute-angle optics and a massive body kit. A dynamic profile, a traditional retractable door, a chrome rim on all doors and roof rails are easily readable on the side.

Feed is offered with a small wing on the fifth door, massive marker lights, combined LED bridge and a protruding towbar below.


The interior of the novelty is a work of art. Although the torpedo does not shine with the trends of modern design, everything seems so convenient here that you do not pay attention to the appearance, although for the most part everything is in order.

The Chrysler guys offer captain’s seats in each row (in 6-seater variation), with cushions for the lower back and an ergonomic profile, a massive front armrest, separate climate deflectors and USB ports for each passenger, plus a panoramic roof and premium Nappa leather trim with periodically slipping wooden inserts.

All this makes the Pacific showroom a competitor even to a division of Germans from Maybach.

Chrysler Pacific 2021.


In 2020, the main competitors for Pacific will be only two representatives of a similar class — this is Volkswagen Viloran and Lexus LM.

Only the first one will be offered for sale to Chinese business, and the second is bending the price tag of 7 million rubles.
The rest of the family turned out to be either too budgetary, like the Lifan M7, or more overall and intended for commercial purposes.

Price and sales start date

In our country, the previous generation found only fifty owners. At the same time, the new Pacific will still be presented to local dealers. Most likely the stake is on popularizing premium minivans among business representatives.

The cost is substantial — 4.18 million rubles for the basic version. How much the hybrid will cost, as well as the dates of the start of sales Chrysler has not yet reported.

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