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Chrysler Voyager 2020.

Chrysler Voyager 2020.

Chrysler Voyager 2020.

Chrysler Voyager 2020 — a new minivan similar to the Chrysler Pacific.
The era of family minivans is slowly coming to an end, and more and more practical crossovers are taking their place. Nevertheless, the guys from Fiat, or rather their American branch of Chrysler, decided to release as many as two models of minivans this year — the new Voyager model and already tested by Pacifica for years.

It is noteworthy that both minivans are practically no different in appearance, and if you delve into the essence, then Voyager is just a budget package for your brother. What is the strategy of the Chrysler marketing department is not clear, however, the car turned out pretty interesting.


Since the Chrysler Voyager 2019-2020 model year is just a variation of Pacifica, you should not expect a wide selection of engines and trim levels. The minivan received only one type of engine. It became a gasoline six-cylinder engine with a volume of 3.6 liters and a power of 291 hp. and torque of 361 Hm.

The gearbox also does not shine with a choice. All cars will have a 9-speed automatic. To compensate for the consumption of a 3.6-liter engine, the Start / Stop system will be.

Chrysler Voyager 2020.

The movement is due to front-wheel drive. Acceleration to hundreds is 7.4 seconds, and the mixed flow rate will be about 9 liters per hundred. The recommended fuel is AI 95. The volume of the tank is 71 liters.

Due to the unusual decision to release two identical models, Chrysler had to share Pacifica trim levels. Now Voyager is positioned as a budget minivan, and its older brother received a premium status due to the release only with rich trim levels.

The budget model will be available in the usual for the company trim levels L, Lx and Lxi. At the same time, dealerships will be replenished only with L equipment, and the rest will be delivered at the request of customers.

But everything is not so bad, even the basic equipment is not so poor. On board there will be fabric trim, climate control and a multimedia system, including a 7-inch screen and speaker system.

For a small fee, owners will receive an UltraTec faux leather interior and a multimedia system for the rear rows of the interior.

Chrysler Voyager 2020.


Appearance, as mentioned above, completely repeats its fellow. Models received an updated front, rear bumpers and modified optics. The body became more squat and smoothed.

The front bumper is pretty minimalistic. It does not have any aggressive ribs or unnecessary recesses. A narrow air intake was located on the entire lower part, and its dimensions were adjusted to a chrome molding that outlines the optics and grille.

The front LED optics climb a little on the front fenders and flow smoothly into the radiator grille, where the company logo flaunts. The hood is tight in the optics and has nothing superfluous, just a couple of ribs so as not to yawn.

On the side, everything is standard. A pair of faces for diluting the exterior and two massive doors. Wheel arches allow wheels to be mounted up to 19 inches. By the way, from the factory, the model comes with 17-inch alloy wheels.

Aft of the entire area is a huge trunk door for 961 liters of volume. In the middle there is a recess for a car sign and a door handle. Side ribs smoothly flow into the ledge of a small rear bumper with integrated brake lights.

Chrysler Voyager 2020.


As befits all modern American cars, there is a lot of plastic in the Voyager interior. Everything is done in gray tones. With the engine running, the blue dashboard illumination and a small screen on the dashboard immediately catches your eye.

For convenience, the driver is provided with a multifunction steering wheel.

As expected by the machine, a place under the wings was filled with cup holder compartments and small objects. Armchairs are created taking into account the American sizes and the average European will be more than spacious. Depending on the configuration, the skin will be either fabric or artificial leather.

By the way, the seven-seater interior, the seats are made in three rows. Due to the long length of the minivan, there is more than enough space under the legs, even in the last row.

For rear passengers, a multimedia system with a screen is provided. Next to the screen mount are immediately located buttons for adjusting individual climate control.

Chrysler Voyager 2020.

Price and sales start date

In the Americas, the new Chrysler promises to replenish dealerships in mid-fall of 2019. However, for the Russian market everything is still foggy. In our country, minivans are not popular, given their price and the inaccessibility of spare parts.

Last year Pacifica was sold in scanty quantities, so the company does not make sense to bring a new lineup to Russia. If this does happen, the price for the base Voyager at the current rate will be 1,700,000 rubles.

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