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Citroen Ami 2020.

Citroen Ami 2020

Citroen Ami 2020.

Citroen Ami 2020 is an affordable electric compact for two people without rights.
If before the car was a measure of success, today the attitude of society is shifting towards practicality and economy. Transport taxes, maintenance, parking, fuel prices — all these car owners are fed up. Citroen understands this and in 2020 will offer an absolutely unique product — Citicar Ami.

What is unique? It weighs only 480 kg, the range of 70 km, is charged from the outlet, and the size is not more than an ATV.
And what is most interesting — they do not need rights to manage it. Read more about the new product below.


Citycar is far from a new phenomenon in the automotive market. The same Smart can be completely inserted into the framework of this class, but unlike the last, Citroen Ami is even more unified specifically for urban conditions, so it’s worth immediately indicating that it does not belong to the track.

Citroen Ami 2020

But on European narrow streets, Ami owners will feel quite comfortable, including driving past gas stations, because a sitikar does not need either gasoline or diesel. Only an outlet and only 220V. Charging time 5.5 kWh of the battery for only three hours.
In the back, directly behind two seats hides an electric 6-kilowatt engine. Power is extremely modest — 8 hp. For comparison, a similar figure for the 110-cc moped Alpha.

So, you don’t have to rely on any dynamics here. By the way, little is known about it. The manufacturer only indicated that the maximum speed is 45 km / h, which is the most for European roads with a limit of 50 km / h.

Regarding passive safety systems and electronic assistants (including airbags), nothing of this is presented here. According to the documents and the essence, the Citroen Ami is an ATV, and according to the state standards there should not be anything like it.

Similarly applies to onboard equipment. Such familiar things as multifunction, climate and cruise are not provided here. Even the speaker system and multimedia are implemented as a removable speaker, a la docking station, and a special holder for a smartphone.
By the way, they say that on the eve of sales Citroen will release a special application that includes the basic multimedia functions of ordinary cars.

Citroen Ami 2020


It’s time to talk about the body. And here it is worth mentioning that his comic nature is largely connected with the price offer.
If you look closely at the photographs, you will notice that the front and rear of the car are completely identical, the same applies to the wings and one-way doors.

That is, a minimum of effort was expended on the development and assembly of the body. By the way, the doors open in different directions, just because of this nuance, and not just out of a whim. Regarding the top, you can see the panoramic roof and strange doors on the doors.
An electrical package is not provided here, therefore, in order to breathe fresh air, you will have to work with your hands.

Regarding the dimensions, of course, everything is very modest:
Length, mm 2410
Width, mm 1390
Height, mm 1520
The manufacturer also provides for some modernization in the form of a small spoiler and roof racks.

Citroen Ami 2020


The interior is completely plastic. Two seating seats received fabric trim. The use of leather is not provided for in more expensive trim levels.
The torpedo is represented rather by a small table than a full-fledged console. On top you can find silicone pads, most likely designed for different small things.

The central tunnel is missing. Near the steering column there is a small platform for a smartphone with a narrow strip of technical buttons (emergency lights, turn signals and a USB connector).

A small platform is provided at the back, where two impressive suitcases can easily fit. True to stick them is not very convenient. As such, there is no fifth door; only the window frame, proportional to the windshield, leans back.

Citroen Ami 2020


But let’s not forget that the class of citycar, like a couple of years ago crossovers, is experiencing a real boom and in 2020 it will replenish with other interesting offers.

For example, gasoline up to 1 liter of volume: Skoda Citigo, VW Up, Kia Picanto, Toyota Aygo, Smart ForTwo and others.
Regarding the electric options, the Honda E is still visible on the horizon, but the release date and price tag leave him no chance.

Price and sales start date

Sales of Citroen Ami will start in May 2020. First of all, a citycar will appear in the car-sharing service of the concern, where a monthly monthly fee for owning a car (20 euros) will also be offered. And in a couple of weeks the car will replenish the offer of dealerships.

It is worth noting that a marketing ploy with car sharing is an excellent PR move for Citroën. Users will be able to try out the new product for a couple of weeks and, given the price tag, immediately go and buy for personal use.

About the price, a sitikar starts at 420,000 rubles, which is just a penny for the French. Yes, the same French Logan costs only 180,000 more, but what a saving on fuel.

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