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Citroen C3 EV 2023.

Citroen C3 EV 2023.

Citroen C3 EV 2023.

The Citroen C3 EV will share a platform with the Peugeot e-208 and Opel Corsa-e. It will premiere in 2023.

It is expected that completely «green» novelty of the French brand will borrow some decisions from the concept Oli shown a few days ago.

Citroen has been producing the current C3 hatchback for Europe since 2016 (it should not be confused with the model of the same name intended for sales in India and South America).

In 2020, the compact underwent a restyling. According to Carsalesbase statistics, dealers sold 156,904 units in the Old World market last year, up 5.1 percent from 2020.

This year, the model has a minus: in the first seven months Europeans bought 83,584 «hatchbacks» (19% less than in January-July 2021).

Europe continues to follow the course on «greening»: many brands continue to actively invest in creation of electric cars.

Now Citroen is developing completely electric version of a hatchback C3, the presentation of a new modification is expected in 2023.

This is reported by the British edition Autocar with reference to the head of marketing and communications of the company Laurent Barria.

The top-manager noted that the novelty will borrow a part of decisions from presented more recently concept Citroen Oli in terms of design, ecological compatibility of materials and design.

It is an electric pickup-transformer with a vertical windshield.

The Oli is 4,2 meters in length, 1,9 meters in width and 1,65 meters in height.

Citroen C3 EV 2023.

Declared curb weight of the vehicle is only 1000 kg. The show car has a battery capacity of 40 kWh, and its range on a single charge is 400 km.

According to Laurent Barria, the Citroen C3 EV will be the first production car of the brand that will receive a new logo.

The brand sign now is an oval with a double chevron inside. We shall remind you that it was invented by the company’s founder — Andre Citroen — back in 1919.

Citroen C3 EV 2023.

It is expected that Citroen C3 electric version will be equipped with traction battery of rather small capacity (but, probably, it will be more than in Oli concept).

It is not excluded that the hatchback will get the same battery as the Citroën e-C4: we are talking about a battery with a capacity of 50 kWh (useful capacity — 45 kWh), the range of this larger electric car on a single charge is 352 km.

Citroen C3 EV 2023.

The new Citroen will share the CMP (Common Modular Platform) platform of the Peugeot e-208 and Opel Corsa.

It is possible that the «green» C3 will borrow the «stuffing»: the mentioned models now change their 136-horsepower electric motor for 156 hp version (maximum torque remains the same — 260 Nm).

Citroen C3 EV 2023.

It is supposed that the novelty can turn out to be a cross hatch, which dimensions will be close to the Citroen Oli show car.

The current five-door has a length of 3,996 meters, width — 1,749 mm and height — 1,474 mm. In addition, more recyclable materials are expected to be used in the trim (to improve eco-friendliness).

The company noted that the C3 electric car in Europe will be produced simultaneously with the «other» C3 with an internal combustion engine, designed for markets in developing countries.

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