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Citroen Versailles C5 X FM 2022.

Citroen Versailles C5 X FM 2022.

Citroen Versailles C5 X FM 2022.

Citroen launches Versailles C5 X in new FM version: it was created on demand.

Quite recently, Citroen together with Dongfeng has officially announced the launch of the new Versailles C5 X FM 2022.

The exclusive model is expected to go on sale in April this year.

The peculiarity of the presented car lies in its FM version, which was created thanks to numerous requests from car enthusiasts and potential buyers through the road radio channel.

The new model will be available exclusively in three colors: Gilt Green, Pearl White and Space Silver.

Speaking of the configuration of the car, we should note the innovation in the form of upgraded leather seats with electric drive, which will be adjustable in six directions, and an optimized HUD projection display system.

Citroen Versailles C5 X FM 2022.

By the way, the crossover will also have an exclusive «FM» logo.

In terms of power system, the presented car will be equipped with a standard turbocharged 1.6T engine with a maximum output of 175 hp and torque of 250 N*m.

Citroen Versailles C5 X FM 2022.

The transmission is an eight-speed Aisin automatic gearbox.

In addition, despite the fact that the rear suspension is still torsion bar, the Citroen company equipped it with a hydraulic adaptive system PHC.

Citroen Versailles C5 X FM 2022.

Citroen together with Dongfeng set the price for the new crossover, referring to the fact that this car was created according to the preferences of people who appealed by radio channel.

Accordingly, the price should not have exceeded some threshold of affordability for more buyers.

Citroen Versailles C5 X FM 2022.

Distinctive features of the model are the stylish original design, which is emphasized by such features as an elongated hood, drooping roof, athletic stern, as well as catchy rims and thin strips of headlights.

Recently, the joint venture Dongfeng-Citroen has made an official announcement of a new version of the crossover.

According to official statements, the price tag for the new parkette will range from 147,700 to 186,700 yuan, which translated into our currency is from 1.6 million to 2.1 million rubles.


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