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Cora Kitty Hawk.

Cora Kitty Hawk.

Cora Kitty Hawk.

Cora Kitty Hawk is a flying taxi.
Have you ever heard of Kitty Hawk? I’m sure most of you don’t even know about it. It is a small town or even a settlement with a population of only 3.5 thousand people.

You ask: «What is its peculiarity?» The answer is very simple: “in steady winds”. It was there, back in 1903, that the Wright brothers conducted their experimental flights.

And to commemorate this event, the company was named, positioning itself today as a flying taxi Cora Kitty Hawk.


It all started in March 2010. A small group of enthusiasts came to the conclusion that it would be nice to make air transport easily accessible. After that, she decided to design a small aircraft that would be lightweight and accessible to those around her.

Cora Kitty Hawk.

The goal was to create a hybrid of a helicopter and an airplane. The device was supposed to take off vertically, and then move according to the principle of an airplane.

In December 2011, the first test ascent and a short-term hovering in the air took place. The device coped with this successfully.

But the question is: «How to make it fly forward?» It took them 4 years of hard work and… In February 2014, the Cora Kitty Hawk made its first unmanned flight.

Cora Kitty Hawk.

Great, but what about the person inside the aircraft? After all, if it is positioned as a taxi, then there will definitely be passengers in it.

Therefore, in August 2017, a test pilot sat in the pilot’s seat, who not only took to the air, but also switched to flight.

Two months later, the Cora Kitty Hawk flew to New Zealand, with which the company entered into an agreement for testing. It was there that the most progressive regulatory framework was located.

Cora Kitty Hawk.

She allowed the development of this project at a galloping pace. And after a month Cora Kitty Hawk takes the first step into the world.

Cora Kitty Hawk characteristics

The lifting force is provided by 12 independent screws. And then the rear propeller begins to rotate, which accelerates this unit to 180 km / h.

Given that the Cora is fully electric, it still has a modest 100 km of range. Of course, many will say that since it flies, you can save battery power where an electric car would have spent it.

Cora Kitty Hawk.

For example, do not get stuck in traffic jams, follow a straight route and do not look for detours. However, do not forget that you will not fly further than 50 km if you are going to return by the same vehicle.


So, today Cora Kitty Hawk is actively developing and receiving support from many organizations and government agencies. They recruit engineers and analysts from a variety of disciplines.

By the way, you can also try your hand at this company. We wish good luck to this air taxi. Leave your feedback about Cora Kitty Hawk in the comments. We also recommend finding out what intrigued everyone with the new Chinese electric car.

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