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Ford Mustand 2016.

Ford Mustand 2016.

Coupe and convertible Ford Mustand 2016.

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Ford Mustang.

The sixth generation of the legendary American muscle car Ford Mustang in bodies fastback coupe and convertible cope world debut in January 2014 on international bridal show in Detroit, but his predpokaz held December 5, 2013 simultaneously in six cities around the world — in Dearborn, Los Angeles, Barcelona, New York, Sydney and Shanghai.

Compared with the previous model of the car has changed dramatically — it was a beautiful styling, modern technical component, new engines and equipment not available before.


Externally, the «Mustang» sixth generation of beautiful and modern enough, but a piece of primitive it is still warm. The sleek and wide body oil car with a long hood, low roofline and short appendage stern crowned the «evil» of the front and back with stylish lighting fixtures, which together creates a powerful and incredibly brutal way. Rounding out the picture of a huge «rollers» wheels dimension of 18 to 20 inches.


«Six» Ford Mustang is available in two body versions — fastback coupe and convertible with a multi-layer fabric top. «Closed» dvuhdverka has 4784 mm in length, 1381 mm tall and 1916 mm wide, and the «open» car by 13 mm higher. Between the axles in oil car is seen in 2720-millimeter distance regardless of the decision.

The interior of «Mustang» looks organic and stylish, and as befits «thoroughbred» sports car, it looks like the cockpit of the aircraft. The characteristic symmetrical front panel in the central part accommodates an 8-inch «TV» entertainment system, «trapeze» multimedia installation and a quartet of toggle switches that control the driving dynamics settings.

For weighty multifunctional «bagel» with a three-spoke design based «cylinders» speedometer and tachometer with a color board computer display in the middle. The decoration of furniture used mainly high-quality materials, but there are also plastic with hard textures.



For the front passengers in the Ford Mustang the sixth generation of anatomical seats installed with a prehensile profile, electric adjustment and ventilation, but powerful versions they give way to the «buckets» Recaro. And in coupe and convertible rear seats are more suitable for children or compact passengers due to limited supply of space in the legs and over his head.

The luggage compartment in «Mustang» in the back compartment of 408 liters in a convertible, this figure reduced to 332 liters by folding awning mechanism. The soft roof of the «open» version of the semi-automatic, and its transformation into a movement impossible. Specifications.

For Ford Mustang 6th generation two standard gasoline modification prepared in the European specifications, each of which rely 6-step «mechanics» and «automatic». The basic version is equipped with an oil-car 2.3-liter «Quartet» EcoBoost turbocharged direct injection and adjustable valve timing, the impact of which is 317 horsepower at 5500 rev / min and 432 Nm of torque at 3000 rev / min.

With the «heart» of the car accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in 5.8 seconds and the expiration of the maximum transfer any of 250 km / h, and its «fuel gluttony» does not exceed 8-10 liters in mixed driving conditions for each «hundred». Engine compartment «top-end» version of the GT filled eight V-engine to 5.0 liters with distributed fuel injection generating 421 «horse» at 6500 revolutions / minute and 530 Nm rotating rod. As a result, the initial spurt to 100 km / h submits «Mustang» in 4.8 seconds, and the «maximum» capacity is fixed at 250 km / h. The combined cycle fuel consumption of the car varies from 12 to 13.6 liters per 100 kilometers.

In the US available and one unit — V-shaped «six» on the 3.7-liter with distributed supply of fuel, which produces 305 «mares» at 6500 revolutions / minute and 366 Nm rotating rod at 4000 rev / min. «Six» Ford Mustang built on a new «trolley», similar in architecture with front-wheel drive platform of CD4, which «sports a» fully independent suspension — MacPherson struts with double-hinge system at the front and an advanced «mnogoryichazhka» on a stretcher at the rear. American muscle car is equipped with rack and pinion steering with electric amplifier having three operating mode — Normal, Sport and Comfort.

All-wheel drive can hold powerful ventilated brake discs (front dimension mechanisms depending on the version varies from 320 to 380 mm) with ABS, EBD and other modern «helpers.» By default, all modifications of «Mustang» put a limited-slip rear differential. In addition to the basic versions, are available in the Ford Mustang and the palette more «charged» versions, and one of them — Shelby GT350.

Along with the more aggressive look and some modifications in the cabin, this car has a lightweight body, reinforced suspension with adaptive shock absorbers and an effective brakes with calipers Brembo. But the main thing in it — the 5.2-liter V8 Voodoo, issuing 533 «stallion» at 7500 revolutions / minute and 582 Nm at 4750 r / min.

Even more interesting version — Shelby GT350R. She set aside the same powertrain as the car without the letters «the R», but this body she even easier, wheels made from CFRP and functionality includes in its membership a «racing» equipment. But the most «extreme» version «Mustang» sixth generation — GT King Cobra. Outwardly, this muscle car is not much different from its usual «brother,» and the emphasis it placed on the technical part of the improvement.

In the motion it is a 5.0-liter «eight» with drive supercharger, which passes for the performance of 600 horsepower. In fact, «King Cobra» — this is a complete package of modifications of the motor and other components and assemblies. Configurations and prices.

In the European market, particularly in Germany, «the sixth» Ford Mustang sells for 37 000 euro for the fastback coupe and convertible will cost 4 000 euro more expensive. Should muscle car and get to Russia, but exactly when it will happen — is unknown. The «base» machine is equipped with seven airbags (from their gig five), ABS, multimedia system with a color screen, dual-zone «climate», a rearview camera, power accessories, «cruise», and many other modern «chips».

Test drive the 2016 Ford Mustand



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