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Crossover Ferrari SUV.

Crossover Ferrari SUV

Crossover Ferrari SUV.

Currently, the automotive segment of luxury crossovers is gaining momentum. Already many motorists appreciated the elitism of the Bentley Bentayga (they would not have appreciated it for a price of 208,000 Euros), and some have already pre-ordered and in anticipation of the debut SUV from Lamborghini — Urus. In the foreseeable future, the Aston Martin DBX will also be presented — a crossover with the look most similar to a sports car from British automakers.

Admit, many of you asked yourself the question, what does the leadership of Ferrari think about the increase in demand for elite SUVs, will there be a decent response to the main competitors?

Representatives of Ferrari over the past few years have denied rumors about the possible release of their first crossover. “We have always been and still remain a manufacturer of exclusively sports cars,” the leaders of this company did not tire of repeating.

But, it seems, the success of already released luxury SUVs of some competitors and the plans of others, have made adjustments to the principles of work and the philosophy of Ferrari.

Sergio Marchionne, who is the head of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, said that the Ferrari SUV will still be under the new model and a new market class has already been created — the Ferrari Utility Vehicle.

Crossover Ferrari SUV

Design Features

As for the technical characteristics, according to rumors, the first Ferrari crossover and the successor in the station wagon GTC4Lusso will be built on a common platform. For cars, a new spatial frame, a double wishbone suspension in front and a multi-link design in the rear will be created.

The Ferrari SUV will have 5 doors. The rear side will open against the move, and to get a wider opening of the middle rack will not be at all. In the list of equipment it is planned:

air suspension;
adaptive shock absorbers;
a fully-controlled chassis that is similar to the Audi SQ7 chassis.

Crossover Ferrari SUV


As for the engine, then, most likely, a modified atmospheric V12 used on the Ferrari GTC4Lusso will be put on the Ferrari crossover. Currently, this power unit produces 697 Nm of torque and 689 hp.

There is also unconfirmed information that the range of engines will be supplemented by a V-shaped «eight» with a volume of 3,900 cm3 with two turbochargers.

In addition, the question of using a hybrid power plant on the first Ferrari crossover, in any case for certain markets, is being considered. In this case, the conversation is most likely talking about China, in which from 2025 the sale of non-electrified cars will be banned.

It is worth noting that this information did not find official confirmation, but in the model range of the concern there is a Ferrari LaFerrari with its hybrid 963-horsepower engine. The maximum speed of this sports car exceeds the mark of 350 km / h, and you can accelerate to the first 100 km / h in less than 3 seconds.

“Our team quite seriously approached the creation of the first SUV for the company — Ferrari SUV. It will not only look like all our models, but will also be controlled as a full-fledged Ferrari.

Currently, the fastest SUV is an Alfa Romeo car, but our engineers will do everything possible to fix it. ” These are the words of the same Sergio Marchionne.

This is an Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio, whose V6 engine has 503 hp. and it can accelerate to 100 km / h in 3.8 s. The maximum speed of the SUV is 283 km / h.

Crossover Ferrari SUV

Main competitor

Most likely, Ferrari will focus on one of its main competitors — Lamborghini Urus. This long-awaited car will be presented to the Old World already at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. The V-shaped “eight” with a volume of almost 4000 cm3 and two turbocompressors created using Twinscroll technology produces 650 hp. and 850 Nm.

The maximum speed of the Lamborghini crossover is 305 km / h, and to accelerate to the first 100 km / h, a 2,200-kilogram car will need only 3.6 s.

As for the dimensions, the Urus is 5,112 mm in length, 1,683 mm in width, and 3,003 mm in wheelbase length. Due to the presence of air suspension, the height of the crossover is in the range of 158-248 mm, which allows you to feel comfortable both when driving on a flat surface, and when traveling on moderate terrain.

In addition, the Lamborghini Urus has driving modes in snow, sand and asphalt, which brings this crossover as close as possible to real SUVs.
Inside this premium crossover, everything is exactly what you count on with a price tag of almost 220,000 Euros:

exclusive decoration materials, sports ergonomics, a large amount of free space … All this can be tried to be described with one word combination — uncompromising comfort.

With the backs of the rear seats raised, a little more than 600 liters of free space remains, which makes it possible to fully use the Lamborghini Urus as a city car that will not cause discomfort when traveling long distances with several passengers.

Crossover Ferrari SUV

release date

Regarding the timing of the release of the Ferrari SUV, Sergio Marchionne replied as follows: “I really liked what I saw on our prototypes and, based on this, most likely, the first presentation of our crossover will be held in late 2019 or early 2020.”

It is likely that this will happen, because in 2019 Marchionne will be forced to leave the post of CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and in 2021 to leave the Ferrari board of directors.

This makes it possible to assume that the first Ferrari SUV will be the «swan song» of Sergio Marchionne and he will do everything possible to make the new model successful.

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