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Czinger 21C 2022.

Czinger 21C 2022.

Czinger 21C 2022.

Czinger 21C 2022: 3D printer hypercar has grown fatter and faster on the way to production.

Los Angeles-based young Czinger Vehicles has unveiled the final design of its first model, the 1250 hp 21C hybrid hypercar. Only 80 copies will be made.

Czinger Vehicles was founded in 2019 by entrepreneur Kevin Czinger and relies on additive manufacturing — a type of 3D printing using metal powder.

With the help of artificial intelligence, Czinger creates light, delicate and at the same time very strong structures, which, in conjunction with the 21C hypercar, are used mainly in the chassis elements, and the basis of the body with a tandem fit of the driver and the only passenger is a carbon fiber monocoque.

Czinger 21C 2022.

The world premiere of the Czinger 21C took place in February last year, but then, as it turned out, the company showed a prototype, and now rolled out the car in the final, serial specification.

The main difference from the prototype is the radically increased (up to 2050 mm) body width and a more developed aerodynamic tail, which creates a down load of 2.5 tons at a speed of 322 km / h.

Czinger 21C 2022.

The power plant has not changed: a 2.88-liter «biturbo-eight» (950 hp, 745 Nm) and a 7-speed sequential gearbox are responsible for driving the rear wheels, while the front wheels are driven by two electric motors.

The 800-volt batteries located on the sides of the body are charged during regenerative braking or from a generator screwed to the internal combustion engine; charging from an external source is not provided.

Czinger 21C 2022.

The maximum total power of the power plant is 1250 hp, but an upgrade to 1350 hp is offered as an option.

The V8 engine is a proprietary Czinger development, it can rotate up to 11,000 rpm and is suitable for use as a synthetic climate-neutral fuel.

The dry weight in comparison with the prototype increased from 1183 to 1240 kg, while the maximum speed increased from 432 to 452 km / h.

Czinger 21C 2022.

The Czinger 21C accelerates to 100 km / h in 1.9 s, to 300 km / h in 8.5 s, and to 400 km / h in 21.3 s.

The manufacturer did not publish photos of the interior of the final version of the Czinger 21C.

At the prototype stage, there was practically nothing to look at: two chairs, a multifunction steering wheel and two screens.

Production of the Czinger 21C will begin this year, with no final price announced.

A year ago, it was reported that at least $ 1.7 million would have to be paid for a hypercar from a 3D printer.

In the future, Czinger promises to introduce other models designed with artificial intelligence and manufactured using additive technologies.

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