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Czinger 21C 2023.

Czinger 21C 2023.

Czinger 21C 2023.

Czinger company intends to present a 4-seater hypercar 21C in a few weeks.

Czinger Vehicles, which in 2020 announced the creation of the Czinger 21C hypercar.

2021 first showed a pre-production prototype of the model.

In 2022, it reported on the public driving debut of its car.

A test drive of the hypercar was held at an event for buyers who had already ordered the car, as well as potential customers at the private, private The Thermal Club in Palm Springs.

But only the brand’s regular pilot was allowed to drive the 21C for now.

The hypercar’s special feature is its 1,250-horsepower powerplant, including a 2.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine and two electric motors — one at each of the front wheels — combined with a seven-speed robotized transmission and all-wheel drive.

Czinger 21C 2023.

A total of 80 examples of the Czinger 21C will be produced. Following the first public demonstration of the novelty, the company promises to disclose even more information about the model during 2022.

Czinger founder and CEO Kevin Czinger spoke about the brand’s immediate plans during the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Czinger 21C 2023.

Central News Service reports that during the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Czinger CEO Kevin Czinger talked about a new four-seat hypercar.

The model has a body inspired by the aerodynamics of fighter planes. At 320 km/h the hypercar generates up to two tons of downforce.

The car is powered by a twin-turbocharged V8 that produces 950 hp, and when combined with an electric motor on the front axle, the power increases to 1,250 hp.

Czinger 21C 2023.

Kevin Zsinger said that the company will introduce a more affordable four-seat model in just a few weeks.

However, «a novelty at a more affordable price» does not mean that the car will be cheap and the price tag should be quite impressive.

It is worth noting that each of the 80 21C hypercars planned for production will be offered for $2,000,000, which is about 117 million rubles at current exchange rates.

Czinger 21C 2023.

The head of the company noted that due to the development of technology Czinger can quickly refocus on the production of a variety of cars.

Already by 2030, the automaker intends to introduce 6-7 new models in completely different segments.

It is possible that the company will produce both a sedan and a high-performance crossover.

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