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Dacia SPRING Bussines 2022.

Dacia SPRING Bussines 2022.

Dacia SPRING Bussines 2022.

European dealers of the company Dacia have started to take pre-orders for a budget electric crossover Spring.

The new Dacia Spring is available in Europe in three versions: normal passenger, designed for private customers, Business, addressed to owners of corporate parks, as well as carsharing and rental companies, and commercial Cargo without back seats — in this version the model is a light delivery truck for delivery of all kinds of goods at the «last mile».

Orders for the Business version will be accepted until the end of March this year, the Cargo modification will be available in early 2022.

Dacia Spring costs at home in France from 12,403 euros (1.096 million rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia on 22.03.2021) for private customers.

The Renault group management expects that for the European market, the new Spring will play about the same role as the Logan sedan did in the early 2000s — becoming for many a sort of «entry ticket» into the world of electric cars.

The new Spring is powered by a 33-kW (about 44 hp) electric motor «fed» by a 27.4-kWh battery pack. The claimed range of the electric car on a single charge is 230 km in the WLTP driving cycle and 350 km in the WLTP city cycle.

Dacia SPRING Bussines 2022.

The manufacturer emphasizes the fact that in terms of cost of ownership the new Spring will be more profitable than a car of similar size and power.

First of all — due to the power plant, working without oil and a much smaller number of moving parts and as a consequence, lower maintenance costs.

The first European buyers of the new Dacia Spring will receive their cars this fall.

Dacia SPRING Bussines 2022.

Renault showed mini-crossover Spring.

The whole point is that this is an electric car with a cruising range of 305 km in the city.

In Romania, where it is produced under the Dacia brand, the crossover costs about 615 thousand rubles.

This little Romanian «electric car» of the company Dacia, a member of the Renault concern, could become a bestseller if you look at its price.

But it can also fail, if you pay attention to the technical characteristics.

Dacia SPRING Bussines 2022.

The Dacia Spring is a small electric city car with a decent range. According to the WLTP methodology, a fully charged battery is enough for 230 km.

When driving in the city, the range can reach 305 km (electric cars are more economical at low speeds).

But driving a 44-horsepower Spring will be quite problematic, especially in the city, where you need to constantly accelerate from traffic lights and it is desirable not to delay the flow.

For example, the speed of 48 km / h electric car reaches in 5.8 seconds, and 100 km / h — no, not for 11.6, as you might think, but for 19.1 seconds. The maximum speed is only 125 km/h.

Dacia SPRING Bussines 2022.

What does it look like? For example, the 80 hp AMC Gremlin of 1977 reached a hundred in 15.7 seconds, and the Volkswagen Beetle of the same year — in 17.2.

But it should be recalled that our Oka (VAZ-1111) reached 100 km/h in 30 seconds after the start, and the 11113 version — in 24 seconds.

Dynamism is definitely the main minus of the car. But you should definitely pay attention to the price.

In France the price for Dacia Spring will make only 16,990 euros, or less than 1.5 million rubles.

Taking into account the ecological bonus from the government, the cost is 12,403 euros, or slightly more than Russian million.

In Romania itself, where the Spring is produced, its cost with the account of subsidies can make only 7 thousand euros, or 615 thousand rubles.

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