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Datsun on-do.

Datsun on-do.

Datsun on-do.

Datsun on-Do is one of the cheapest cars in the domestic market. What is noteworthy is not a typical Chinese. The sub-brand is owned by the Renault-Nissan alliance, which in recent years has increasingly focused on ultra-budget companies. There is definitely a demand for cheap sedans in Russia, and in 2020, manufacturers are updating the lineup with a slight price increase (up to 22 thousand rubles).

It is worth noting that, although Datsun is called a competitor to Lada Granta, in fact, everything is sad in sales. In 2019, the first models sold in the amount of 22.5 thousand copies, while AvtoVAZ sold 135 thousand of its “populists”.

Datsun on-do.


Datsun On-Do was originally conceived as an extremely cheap car. At the same time, according to reviews, in a taxi service the car feels cheerful even after a year and a half of active use, so the appearance here is deceiving.

Such survivability is understandable — there is simply nothing to break. The design is primitive to the impossibility. By the way, restyling bypassed the technical part, so that buyers can count on a similar trouble-free life.

Under the hood of the new On-Until 2020, two atmospheric engine variants were discovered — for 8 valves and for 16.
In the first case, the owner receives 87 hp. at 140 Hm, in an expensive configuration there will be 106 hp at 148 Hm.

Given that the mass of the car does not exceed 1160 kg, the 16-valve engine allows you to take a pretty quick acceleration. The volume of the unit will be 1.6 liters per 4 cylinders.

Datsun on-do.

The transmission will be represented by a 5-speed manual and a 4-band automatic. Both are supplied by the Jatco brand.
Only front-wheel drive in all trim levels. Standard suspension — in front of the generally accepted MacPhersons, in the back there is a multi-link. On the brakes, the front wheels were, the rear drum. There are also ABS and EBD. After the installation of electric power steering.

According to the dynamics, the 8-valve motor will accelerate the cart in 11.5 seconds, the more powerful option in 10.5. Average consumption — 8 liters of the 92nd per hundred. On the highway, measurements show 5.3 liters.

The maximum speed depending on the engine will be from 166 to 184 km / h.
There will be three sets of Datsun on-Do in the Russian market — Access, Trust and Dream. The latter will additionally acquire climate control and ISA (forced speed limit).

Datsun on-do.


Representatives of Datsan in 2020 made a bet on improving the aesthetic qualities of their line. So the new On-Do got a refined appearance, while he did not lose his characteristic features and, interestingly, he began to look more like Grant.

The front has become more furious. The new hood lid perfectly beats the updated grille with a wide chrome trim.

The optics became sharper, and the monolithic body kit was slightly corrected by the architecture. On the side is nothing remarkable. The line of door glass, as before below the level of the hood. The middle was diluted with slurred plastic pads.

The transition from the roof to the trunk has become smoother. Rugged feed, as if an exact copy of Grants.
In terms of dimensions, only the length changed to a ridiculous 8 mm.

Datsun on-do.


Inside, the changes are no less point-wise. From what you can see, you can identify a new rearview mirror, a new handle of the mechanical handbrake, a corrected climate unit with modified handles, the presence of lighting in the glove compartment.

The rest of the Datsun on-Do is an exact copy of its predecessor. A ridiculous increase in length also in no way affected the roominess.

In an expensive configuration, as before, buyers can get updated seats with more massive side elements and additional airbags on the sides.

Otherwise, a primitive steering wheel, an abundance of cheap plastic and a fabric interior will become integral companions of the car owner. I am glad that, at least they did not stint on
multimedia screen and some kind of speaker system.


If you frankly discard toy options, then in the niche of ultra-budget people there is plenty to choose from besides Datsun.
So, in 2020, for the same price, and in some cases cheaper, you can take Daewoo Nexia, Lada Kalina, Geely HQ SRV, Renault Logan or Lada Xray. Well and of course Lada Grant.

Price and sales start date

As already mentioned, the price of On-Do has increased slightly. If the base used to cost 488 thousand rubles, now Access will have to pay half a million rubles (this is 87 hp engine with 5-speed manual).

The maximum equipment (106 hp plus automatic) turned out to be significantly more expensive — 680 thousand rubles. The car can already be found in dealerships.

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