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DeLorean Alpha5 2023.

DeLorean Alpha5 2023.

DeLorean Alpha5 2023.

The new DeLorean was not what we expected: a Porsche Taycan competitor instead of a coupe.

A coupe, however, will also be there, and not even one. In the new life DeLorean expects a full lineup with a large crossover at the top, and the first novelty is a four-seat electric fastback Alpha5 with wide side doors of a «gull wing» type.

Thus, the rebirth of DeLorean began. Till now the only model of the brand was a coupe DMC-12, developed in the early 80s, which became famous with a fantastic film trilogy «Back to the Future» — a detailed story about this car and its creator, John Zachary DeLorean, is in our separate material.

Texas entrepreneur Steve Wein has owned the DeLorean brand since 1995, and all this time his company has been servicing and restoring previously made copies of DMC-12, and now the time has come to do something brand new under the legendary brand.

Judging by the previously published teasers in the Network, work on the first new model began more than a year ago, and today published full-fledged photos of the fastback called Alpha5.

Full live premiere will take place on August 18 this year at the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach (California, USA), but already today much is known about the Alpha5, as well as DeLorean’s future plans.

DeLorean Alpha5 2023.

DeLorean Alpha5 quite remotely reminds angular model DMC-12, although both models were developed by the Italian studio Italdesign.

Technical specifications at the time of our publication were not officially published, but they have the Australian magazine Drive:

Overall length of the Alpha5 — 4995 mm, width — 2044 mm, height — 1370 mm.

The body has no center pillars, which facilitates boarding and unloading through the huge lift-up doors.

The aerodynamic drag coefficient is only 0.23.

There are four individual seats and a high center tunnel in the cabin.

DeLorean Alpha5 2023.

The front panel is made in the modern minimalist style of premium electric cars and has almost no physical keys.

The dashboard, of course, completely virtual, its frame in shape slightly resembles that of the DMC-12.

The central multimedia tablet is implanted in the hovering console between the front seats, under it there is a storage niche and/or wireless charging shelf for a smartphone.

DeLorean CEO Jost de Vries told the British magazine Autocar that small-scale production of the Alpha5 will be set up in Italy and the powertrain for it was developed in the UK.

From these inputs it is easy to conclude that the Alpha5 is based on a modular OEM platform EVX, developed by Italdesign and Williams Advanced Engineering just for this kind of projects (the same, by the way, is the basis of a new Austrian hypercar Deus Vayanne).

DeLorean Alpha5 2023.

The Alpha5 power plant consists of «several electric motors,» the capacity of which has not yet been disclosed. Battery capacity is 100 kWh and a full charge should be enough for 300 miles on the EPA cycle (482 km).

Acceleration to 100 km/h will take about 3 seconds, the maximum speed is limited at 250 km/h.

Acceleration time to the cherished 88 mph (141.6 km/h) — 4.35 seconds, in the movie «Back to the Future» at this speed occurred time travel, and to achieve this speed in the coupe DMC-12 with an atmospheric V6 took forever.

DeLorean Alpha5 2023.

The first Alpha5 batch was produced in 88 copies. Further details are expected closer to the premiere.

Meanwhile, further plans of the present DeLorean company are already known: the debut electric Alpha5 model will be followed by a coupe with petrol V8, an electric sedan and a large electric crossover, with the latter possibly equipped with a hydrogen power unit with electrochemical generator.

DeLorean also wants to return to the DMC-12-based restomod project — there are plenty of live examples of this model and spare parts for it.

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