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Devel Sixteen hypercar.

Devel Sixteen hypercar.

Devel Sixteen hypercar.

Devel Sixteen hypercar. The Sixteen is one of the strangest cars produced in recent times. For fifty years, it seemed like nothing more than idle chatter.

But development of the car continues, and the prototype recently went out for testing in Italy.

Very few details are available about this particular Devel Sixteen prototype, but the video shows it speeding down the highway.

From the looks of it, the prototype is quite functional and on the road really looks like a spaceship on wheels.

Devel notes that it will offer the Sixteen in several different versions with different engines.

Plans are for the flagship model to get a 12.3-liter V16 engine with four turbochargers with at least 5,000 horsepower.

A second V16 model with a four-turbo 3,000 hp engine is still planned, as well as an entry-level version with a twin-turbocharged V8 engine rated at about 2,000 hp.

Devel Sixteen hypercar.

Of course, building a single functional prototype is much easier than putting such a hypercar into production. This video proves, though, that progress has already been made with the Sixteen.

Video: The exotic Devel Sixteen hypercar takes a ride on the roads of Italy A track version with a 5000-horsepower engine is claimed for the car.

Devel Motors of the United Arab Emirates calls the Sixteen coupe «a legend in the history of supercars,» although the car is still in prototype status.

Devel Sixteen hypercar.

The serial variant of two-door, the most powerful version of which will be equipped with 5000-horsepower motor from a dragster, was shown four years ago, and since then developers haven’t advanced too much.

Meanwhile, the video posted the day before once again confirms that the fine-tuning of the car continues, at least its initial version with a V8 engine can already drive on regular roads.

Laps on a track and public roads, as a rule, are included into the program of final «polishing» of ride characteristics, but in the case with the Devel Sixteen, it is more of a marketing move.

Devel Sixteen hypercar.

The commercials say nothing about the car’s capabilities and don’t even confirm the 1,500-3,000 horsepower for the biturbo-eight version of the hypercar.

In fact, what the Devel Motors team has been able to achieve in 14 years is to accelerate the two-door to city speeds.

And in fact, a 5007-horsepower track version with a quad-turbo V16 12.3 from a dragster built by Steve Morris Engines was also announced.

Devel Sixteen hypercar.

The exotic unit was tested, but nothing is still known about its installation in the car.

Moreover, in 2018, the sources of the publication Road & Track reported that the development of the Sixteen had to suspend, as the company encountered a number of problems that made the launch of the car in serial production impossible.

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