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Dodge Challenger Shakedown 2023.

Dodge Challenger Shakedown 2023.

Dodge Challenger Shakedown 2023.

Dodge has released the first special version in the Last Call series: the Challenger has received visual updates.

Many already know that the Dodge Charger and Challenger are losing their V8 engines.

The American company has launched a special edition called Last Call.

The first representative is the Dodge Challenger Shakedown 2023. A total of seven packages will be released, after which the pure internal combustion engines will disappear.

The Shakedown version only makes exterior changes to the muscle car. We know that this edition took inspiration from the 1971 Shakedown Challenger concept car.

This model was shown at a major auto show in 2016. There are black and red stripes running down the center of the entire body of the car.

There is also a modified front fascia with a massive air intake. There is red «392» lettering on the side fenders, and special badges can be seen on the radiator grille.

Dodge Challenger Shakedown 2023.

The iconic muscle car rides on 20-inch wheels with red brake calipers hidden behind them.

The interior is dominated by black trim with contrasting red stitching. Also found in the interior are «Shakedown» badges.

All will be produced 1,000 copies of this special edition.

Dodge Challenger Shakedown 2023.

Half will get the body in a gray shade and black wheel trim, and another half with a black body and the same wheels.

The cost of the car in this version is not known yet, but the first cars will go on sale next spring.

Dodge Challenger Shakedown 2023.

At Monterey Car Week, Dodge representatives said that all Charger and Challenger will get «Last Call» lettering under the hood.

Production of the two models is scheduled to stop at the end of this year.

Dodge Challenger Shakedown 2023.

They will be replaced by the performance compact crossover Hornet, which was recently officially unveiled.

The new generations of the two maslkars will definitely get some degree of electrification and will even be fully electric.

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