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Dodge Hornet 2023.

Dodge Hornet 2023.

Dodge Hornet 2023.

The Dodge Hornet will debut before the end of the year: the crossover will borrow a lot from the Alfa Romeo Tonale.

Information that the American brand will expand the lineup at the expense of the parkettes was confirmed by CEO of the brand Tim Kuniskis.

Dodge brand sales figures in the home market have been declining for the past three years.

For example, the brand lost almost 8% in 2019, about 37% more at the end of the covid next year, and for 2021 customers in the States bought 215,724 units, 19.3% less than the year before.

The beginning of 2022 is still negative, with dealers selling 41,042 cars in the first quarter (almost 36% less than in January-March of last year).

The Dodge brand is owned by auto giant Stellantis. One of the challenges facing the brand — to increase sales, in this he should help new SUV segment, including a junior crossover, rumors about the development of which appeared last year.

Then, it was assumed that it will be called Hornet. According to the Detroit Free Press, now CEO Tim Kuniskis has confirmed that the Hornet will expand the brand’s lineup, and it will premiere before the end of the year.

Dodge Hornet 2023.

Recall, the name Hornet was assigned to Hudson’s family of full-size frame models in the 1950s.

Later, in the seventies (by that time Hudson had already joined the corporation American Motors), this name received a line of compact «passenger cars» AMC with a bearing body.

Then AMC absorbed corporation Chrysler, and also was concluded an agreement with Daimler: as a result, in 2006, was presented a concept Dodge Hornet — it was something between minivan, hatchback and crossover.

Dodge Hornet 2023.

Now a compact crossover Dodge will get this name. As it was informed earlier, the novelty of the American brand will become «twin» of presented earlier Alfa Romeo Tonale.

We recall earlier «spy» pictures of Hornet appeared in the Network: they showed only the front end, and not completely, and also the interior.

Judging by these photos, the car is a full copy of the Italian brand.

Dodge Hornet 2023.

It is known that the models will share «bogie»: as previously reported, the Tonale crossover is based on Fiat’s FCA Small Wide platform.

Probably, the engine range will also be at least partially borrowed.

Thus, the edition predicts the novelty of Dodge’s PHEV version, which in Alfa Romeo Tonale is the same as Jeep Compass 4xe.

We shall remind you that at the heart of its installation is gasoline «turbo four» MultiAir with a volume of 1.3 liters (goes in tandem with 6ACP), which sets in motion the front wheels; at the rear axle is 122-horsepower electric motor.

Dodge Hornet 2023.

The total power of this system is 275 hp. Battery units are located in the central tunnel and under the rear sofa, their total capacity is 15.5 kWh.

Cruising range only on electric power is 60 km. All-wheel drive Tonale PHEV takes 6.2 seconds to accelerate from a place up to a «hundred».

Moreover, Dodge Hornet is likely to get more «traditional stuffing».

There is a probability (though there is no confirmation) that it will be the engine with which the Alfa Romeo Tonale should enter the American market.

The question is about a four-cylinder 2.0-liter turbo-motor, which capacity makes 256 hp.

It is aggregated with a nine-speed automatic gearbox ZF, this crossover has a four-wheel drive with a clutch on the rear axle.


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