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Dodge Journey 2022.

Dodge Journey 2022.

Dodge Journey 2022.

The Dodge Journey 2022: a midsize crossover with exclusive bodywork.

The next version of the midsize car, the Dodge Journey 2022, has retained the average design, technology and performance features of its 2012 predecessor, as well as the status of a model designed on the principles of reasonable sufficiency.

The new model of the American car industry combines in its design the advantages of a comfortable family car with an impressive off-road potential.

Perhaps that is why in the appearance of the novelty the recognizable elements of crossover, minivan and even station wagon layout can be seen.


Despite its American origins, the novelty does not attract attention with bright decorative accents, aggressive design and premium traction-speed characteristics of the power unit.

Visually, the new Dodge body looks functional, practical, though somewhat ordinary.

The restyling has had a positive effect on the crossover design of the front end, the upgraded optics, and the further improvement of the seven-seat interior.

Dodge Journey 2022.

The Dodge looks most stylish and imposing in photos and promotional videos from the frontal perspective. In the field of vision:

The dynamic ribbed profiles and smooth contours of the hood’s front edge;

angular blocks of multifunctional headlights with powerful LED fittings;

decorative chrome-plated perimeter, cross-shaped cover of the brand logo, mesh radiator grille.

In the new configuration of the massive bumper there is a metal and plastic framing of the lower air intake, compact air diffusers and classically designed, round fog lamps.

In profile, less bright and presentable, the Dodge Journey 2022 shows:

an arched profile of the roof descending toward the stern, complemented by compact longitudinal or transverse rails;

black matting of the three-piece window trim;

rectangular configuration of mirrors and semi-recessed chrome door handles.

Dodge Journey 2022.

The muscular lower segments of the sides carry a set of stepped and wavy reliefs, as well as the typical for SUVs protective plastic «skirt».

The spacious volumes of the wheel arches can accommodate rollers with rims from 17 to 19 inches in diameter.

The monumental stern of the 2022 Journey showcases distinctive crossover styling elements. In the spotlight:

A compact area of high-lifted aft glazing with a spoiler visor;

the luggage compartment door decorated with the brand logo and the inner segments of the combined clearance and stoplights;

a massive bumper and bodykit with paired cutouts for the exhaust pipes.

In the new interpretation, the external appearance of the Dodge Journey 2022 does not cause explosive positive emotions, nevertheless the novelty looks quite stylish and to some extent presentable.


In the design of the cabin interior should be noted decent quality and perfect installation of finishing materials, close to the premium level characteristics of on-board equipment, professional ergonomics of seating.

Dodge Journey 2022.

Typical architecture of the front panel includes a digital imitation of the analog instrument panel, a block layout of air deflectors and the central console’s command-media monitor.

Also included are an expanded command functionality of the easy-grip multitool and a compact remote control with washer activation and dual-zone climate control system settings.

The tunnel design provides easy access to the powertrain shift selector, organizers and the roomy refrigerator compartment hidden under the armrest.

The seating and road service of competently profiled and very comfortable pilot seats includes side support, adjustable headrests, electrified adjustment ranges, heated and ventilated seats in the standard list.

Second-row sofa with a resilient and comfortable filler offers a tilt back and a large amount of personal space for each of the three passengers.

Optional headrest is designed to accommodate two teenage children. The cabin has excellent visibility from all seats and a low level of internal and external noise level.

Dodge Journey 2022.

Technical specifications

In the new generation of crossover five-door retained proportional dimensions of the predecessor in the ratio of 4888 x 1878 and 1745 mm, the interaxial base length of 2890 mm and ground clearance height of 182 mm.

In a three-row configuration useful volume of the trunk makes only 147 liters, and after transformation of the second and third rows — respectively 784 and 1562 liters.

The spare is on external suspension and a set of onboard tools is in a recess of the floor.

The running gear of the upgraded Journey demonstrates the advantages of combined rack and pinion-spring axle suspension, with gas-filled shock absorbers, complete stabilizers and safety systems.

Version of the crossover for our market is promised with three variants of power units with a volume of 2.4 / 2.7 and 3.6 liters, yielding 176, 185 and 280 horsepower, working in tandem with the 6-band automatic transmission.

Test drive showed the dynamics of acceleration to 100 km/h in the range of 11.8 — 84 seconds, the maximum speed of 182, 188 and 206 km/h.

Features and prices

In the domestic crossover market, the new Dodge Journey 2022 model year provides a choice of three modifications.

The price of each specific version is in the formation stage, so will be announced in the near future.

Start of sales in Russia

The exact dates are not indicated. According to analysts, the release date in Russia will be known at the start of the spring season of the next, 2022.

Competing models

Cars in crossover design are at the peak of consumer demand, so the list of competitors includes several dozen brands and names.

Leading the way are the Lexus RX 350, Honda Pilot, Audi Q5, Volvo XC90 and Fiat Freemont crossover van class peers.

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