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Dongfeng Forthing Yacht 2022.

Dongfeng Forthing Yacht 2022.

Dongfeng Forthing Yacht 2022.

The Chinese van has a rather unusual exterior, inside — «luxury» trim. The engine is from Mitsubishi.

Last year, Dongfeng brand Forthing (aka Fengxing) has presented a concept van with a pretty daring shape.

A few days ago there was a premiere of the serial version, which as a whole has kept the design of the forerunner.

Previously it was thought that, as well as the other MPV brand, the commercial model will be assigned an alphanumeric index (in the photo, the local Ministry of Industry at the novelty was slidik M4), but no, the novelty was given another name — it can be translated from Chinese as Yacht (that is, «yacht»), in fact, yachts and designers were inspired when creating the model.

At the heart of a van with the rear hinged doors is the platform Super Cube EMA, whatever it means.

The length of the Forthing Yacht is 4850 mm, width — 1900 mm, height — 1715 mm, wheelbase — 2900 mm.

Dongfeng Forthing Yacht 2022.

Thus, in its dimensions the model is close to related vans Honda Odyssey and Honda Elysion (by the way, the second MPV is produced by JV Honda and Dongfeng).

Features of the exterior of Forthing Yacht — huge grille, diode «fangs» running lights, «soaring» roof, made in the form of a single plate taillights and permeating the silhouette of the car chrome line (it is a «continuation» of the grille). The model «stands» on 18-inch wheels.

Dongfeng Forthing Yacht 2022.

Inside — the now-familiar scoreboard (virtual «dashboard» is combined with multimedia touchscreen, both screens are 10.25 inches), round air deflectors, truncated steering wheel and a two-story center tunnel.

There are light woodgrain inserts on the front panel and doors, and it’s also announced that the seats are upholstered in Nappa leather.

Dongfeng Forthing Yacht 2022.

At the launch of sales Forthing Yacht will be offered with a seven-seat cabin, the seats are located on the scheme 2 +2 + 3.

The driver’s seat has a massage function. Chinese media report that the second row seats can move back and forth within 200 mm.

The backs of the first two rows can be removed, and if you remove the head restraints of front seats, you get two sleeping places.

According to preliminary data, the model will have a six-seat version later.

Dongfeng Forthing Yacht 2022.

The arsenal of minivan also includes folding tables, panoramic roof, adaptive cruise control, Braking and Lane Keeping systems.

The engine is the only — gasoline «turbo four» 1.5 made by local company Shenyang Aerospace Mitsubishi.

The engine produces 197 hp and 285 Nm, it works in pair with seven-speed robotized transmission with two «wet» clutches. Front-wheel drive only.

On sale Dongfeng Forthing Yacht will be available in the near future, price has not yet been announced.

The Chinese believe that the new minivan will cost somewhere from 110,000 to 120,000 yuan, which is equivalent to about 1,360,000 to 1,480,000 rubles at the current exchange rate.

The Honda Odyssey/Elysion vans mentioned above are much more expensive (for example, the Odyssey’s starting price tag is twice as much), but they are available exclusively as hybrids.

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