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Dongfeng Rich 6 2022.

Dongfeng Rich 6 2022.

Dongfeng Rich 6 2022.

Dongfeng Rich 6 2022 will appear in Russia: it is a modified version of the Nissan Navara pickup.

Dongfeng Rich 6 pickup truck based on Nissan is certified in Russia.

Apparently, the Russian market will soon begin selling the frame pickup Dongfeng Rich 6, which is presented in its native China since the 2000th.

This truck is a legal version of the Nissan Navara. By the way, both models are even produced on the same plant — JV Zhengzhou Nissan.

The «light» division of the Chinese company Dongfeng has not achieved success on the Russian market.

The sales of the compact AX4 never started, and the delivery of the only remaining on the market model Dongfeng 580 is going with interruptions.

But now the company has decided to try to enter the segment of pickups: the frame Dongfeng Rich 6 (internal index ZN1035) is certified in Russia.

This truck made its debut in China in 2018. It is quite a legal variant of the current-generation Nissan Navara pickup, which has never been sold in Russia.

Dongfeng Rich 6 2022.

The Japanese and Chinese companies have long had a joint venture, Zhengzhou Nissan, which produces the Navara for the PRC market, and the same assembly line makes the Rich 6.

The frame, chassis, and cabin are the same, but the «Chinese» has a different front end, lights, interior, and engine.

Dongfeng Rich 6 2022.

Dongfeng Rich 6 has a Japanese frame, chassis and cabin. But the «Chinese» can be distinguished by a different design of the front end, the original lighting equipment and modified interior.

The truck also has its own engine. The model has already passed certification in Russia, and received the Type Approval of the vehicle (OTTS). From this document, it follows that on our market the truck will be offered with the only version.

Dongfeng Rich 6 2022.

In Russia, Dongfeng Rich 6 is certified as the only version with a length of 5310 cm and a two-row cabin.

The pickup has the permissible gross weight of 2459 kg, so it can be legally driven in all streets of Moscow.

But the passport load-carrying capacity is only 484 kg. And the most surprising is that the certificate does not provide for towing trailers.

Rich 6 for Russia will have low turbodiesel 2.5 (136 hp, 305 Nm), 5-speed manual gearbox and hard-wheel drive.

Dongfeng Rich 6 2022.

There are no other options, although in the PRC there are versions with a gasoline engine, and «automatic» (only in combination with diesel) and rear-wheel drive.

The pickup is equipped with hydraulic power steering, 16-inch wheels and drum rear brakes.

Features and prices have not yet been announced. And the exact start date of sales is not set.

But the Vehicle Type Approval (VTA) is already in force, so deliveries of cars from China are allowed.

In addition, the model has a hard-wheel drive. Other features include 16-inch wheels, drum rear brakes and hydraulic power steering.

GTC is already officially in force, but the start date of sales of the pickup, as well as its equipment and prices have not been disclosed yet. Delivery of vehicles for our market will be directly from China.

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