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DS 7 Crossback Elysee.

DS 7 Crossback Elysee.

DS 7 Crossback Elysee.

Elongated DS 7 Crossback with an armored body was prepared for the president of France.

They have prepared a new car for the President of France Emmanuel Macron. It is an elongated variant of the DS 7 called Crossback Elysee.

The «presidential» modification is based on the hybrid all-wheel drive DS 7 E-Tense 300. In the process of updating the original car not only got an elongated body, but also got armor.

The presence of protection can be defined by more massive frames of the windshield and side windows. The thickness of the latter is relatively small, so the armor class of the car is low.

The DS 7 Crossback Elysee has dark blue body painting «Ink Blue», which is traditional for cars of the French president.

There are two separate heated and ventilated seats in the rear of the cabin, and between them is a long center console that has a wireless charger and remote control for seat adjustments. The interior is also upholstered in Basalt Black leather, alcantara and adorned with glossy black inserts.

DS 7 Crossback Elysee.

The parkette has folding flagpoles on the front fenders and special signals behind the grille.

Numerous nameplates with the colors of the French tricolor and letters «RF» (République Française) are present on the body. Plus, the truck is equipped with 20-inch wheels.

DS 7 Crossback Elysee.

It is reported that the entire increase in space due to lengthening of the wheelbase took place on the second row. The developers abandoned the standard three-seat sofa in favor of separate seats.

The latter have an electric drive, as well as ventilation and heating functions. Between them is a massive central tunnel, which is located remote control, phone charging and USB connectors.

DS 7 Crossback Elysee.

Document holders are also provided here. It is reported that the wheelbase of «presidential» DS 7 was stretched to 2,938 mm (+ 200), and the length of this parkette reaches 4,790 mm. Technical «stuffing» of the car at that remains standard.

Therefore, the car is propelled by a hybrid unit consisting of a 1.6-liter «turbo four» and a separate electric motor on the rear axle. In total these units give out 300 hp.

DS 7 Crossback Elysee.

The power plant is not finalized. This is a hybrid consisting of the PureTech engine, two electric motors and 13.2 kWh battery. Its output is 300 hp and 520 Nm.

It is probable that this is the reason why the French have refused from heavier armor as the car simply would not pull it.

Note that the public debut of the special DS 7 took place on November 11, 1918: Emmanuel Macron drove the car at a ceremony commemorating the Armistice of Compiegne, which took place on November 11, 1918.

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