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DS Aero Sport Lounge 2021.

DS Aero Sport Lounge 2021.

DS Aero Sport Lounge 2021.

The electric DS Aero Sport Lounge marked the future direction of the brand.

Citroen’s premium DS brand will showcase the Aero Sport Lounge concept electric crossover at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show. The five-meter SUV received an aerodynamic exterior design with a large display instead of a radiator grill and sculpted side sections of the front bumper.

The air flow passes through the latter and exits through special 23-inch wheels, the design of the spokes of which resembles the blades of a turbine.

The car is notable for narrow LED headlights and DRL «fangs», as well as the absence of side mirrors — instead of them cameras are used on the prototype, the picture from which is displayed on separate monitors.

The French have not yet published photos of the interior of the DS Aero Sport Lounge Concept, but it is known that the developers have abandoned traditional screens in favor of wide display strips, while the readings of the devices are shown here at all on the windshield as a projection. The Iris artificial intelligence system, which recognizes voice commands, is also announced for the car.

It is known that the concept is equipped with a 680-horsepower electric motor from the racing DS Techeetah Formula E, with which the crossover can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in just 2.8 seconds, while the traction battery built into the floor with a capacity of 100 kWh is able to provide the car with a power reserve over 650 km.

There is no need to wait for a serial version of such a model — the concept is intended only to demonstrate the general direction of development of the premium brand DS models.

DS Aero Sport Lounge 2021.

A wind of innovation in one concept car

High seating position, excellent visibility, first-class comfort — to which you can now add aerodynamic and technical efficiency, as well as original design. The character and appearance of the DS Aero Sport Lounge concept is truly unique. It solves a very important problem of the day: how to combine superior performance without abandoning design that expresses power.

The new legislation sets new levels for the environmental impact of each vehicle (exhaust emission level). And the DS Aero Sport Lounge concept car provides a unique answer to these different but pressing challenges.

With the DS Aero Sport Lounge Concept, DS Automobiles is bringing a new form of car to life. This concept car — both outstanding and discreet, thoughtful and sensual — anticipates our future. With its proportions and distinctive body shape, the DS Aero Sport Lounge Concept allows flexible air flow to optimize aerodynamics and maximize efficiency.

Its impressive 5m length and sloping roofline reduce air resistance. In addition, air is directed from the front grille to the side aerodynamic fairings, passing through the large 23-inch wheels.

Outstanding design continues with superior performance. The signature E-TENSE logo means that an electric motor of an impressive 500 kW (680 hp) is installed inside the body of this concept car.

This electric motor is powered by a new generation battery with a capacity of 110 kWh, which is enough to cover a distance of over 650 km (the traction battery is located in the floor of the concept car). This technology, inherited from the champions of the Formula E racing series, guarantees breathtaking acceleration: 0-100 km / h in just 2.8 seconds.

DS Aero Sport Lounge 2021.

The radiator grille is now a display with the Brand name: «DS AUTOMOBILES». The DS MATRIX LED VISION projection headlights are combined with the DS LIGHT VEIL daytime running lights and indicator lights, which show us the future “light signature” of DS cars.

Cutting-edge technology: performance from the world of Formula E racing

DS Automobiles became the first of the premium class to take part in the Formula E racing series. And for good reason: the brand won the iconic championship titles — both in the drivers’ individual and in the team event.

Participation in the Formula E racing series is the key to accelerating development, new developments, innovative technologies that can be used to create electric vehicles. These developments allow not even an evolution, but a real revolution in the automotive industry.

With four full racing seasons and championship titles, DS Automobiles has significantly enriched its electrified vehicle experience. The DS Aero Sport Lounge concept is the best embodiment of this knowledge and experience.

The art of travel

Revolutions are also taking place in car interiors. Using its rich history as a reference point, DS Automobiles is reinventing the interior. Screens and displays, which play a prominent role in most concept and production vehicles, are no longer the key, centerpiece of the interior.

DS Aero Sport Lounge 2021.

Inside, two wide stripes create a suspended structure in front of people in the cabin. Satin cotton-covered bottom stripe displays projected information from above. This surface is active, it displays the necessary elements of navigation, search, infotainment system.

Thus, information and entertainment merge together in an unusual form of projection surfaces, freeing the car from the limitations of traditional touchscreen displays.

On the other hand, this interior design allows the grouping of digital mirrors and controls necessary for comfort. Corresponding to the status of a first-class interior, there is a display for each passenger. In addition, all the information you need to drive is projected onto the windshield — thus creating augmented reality.

The center armrest, located between the seats, also acts as a control. He reads, recognizes, responds to every hand gesture. Through a partnership with Silicon Valley startup Ultraleap, the DS Aero Sport Lounge concept allows for future driver and passenger activity.

With the help of Leap Motion and Ultrahaptics technologies, you can make control hand gestures and receive a sensory response. Sensors detect every movement, and tiny speakers emit an ultrasonic wave that is felt by people in the cabin.

The methods of interacting with the car (and the world around them) must constantly change and evolve: they need to be simplified and, at the same time, ready to work with a world that is constantly and completely connected to the Internet.

The DS Aero Sport Lounge Concept is already ahead of its time in these areas. It offers different interactions and control options, depending on whether you want to focus on driving, having fun, or traveling.

The IRIS system — the artificial intelligence of the DS Aero Sport Lounge concept — is hidden inside the cabin and helps to control all the functions of the car with a simple conversation in natural phrases.

DS Aero Sport Lounge 2021.

Advanced technology: ultrasound

In the modern world, which more and more carefully erases the barrier separating the real and the virtual, it is possible to control programs, functions, systems without contact, but at the same time maintaining the feeling of touch. The new technology for haptic control of the infotainment system is unique in the automotive world.

Thanks to volumetric ultrasound, you feel as if you are touching real things, shapes, textures — but all this happens in a completely empty space. As a result, the gesture control system creates sensory and natural tactile feedback that allows you to interact with the world and turns «magic from the future» into «reality today.»

A combination of French luxury and new materials — as the basis of the «Craft Future»

The stripes on the dashboard and seatbacks are straw-coated. Yes, we know this is very unusual. The new material is the perfect combination of exclusive luxury and the desire to be at one with nature. Straw — a common and inexpensive material — is becoming a symbol of quality and exclusivity thanks to its unique processing from the best French craftsmen.

The large, comfortable seats are upholstered in satin fabric and high-density foam padding for first-class comfort. The surface of the armchairs is smooth and pleasant to the touch thanks to a particularly fine weave.

The door panels use a woven three-piece fiber fabric that has several sheer strands. Thanks to this unusual solution, ambient light enters the vehicle interior. A truly unique weaving — as a sign of the incredible skill of specialists in their field, an ideal example of a combination of art and technology.

Straw trim: an example of handicraft in the age of advanced technology

Straw, an inexpensive and familiar material, has become a luxury tool today. Straw has a prominent place in decorative arts with a special design from the Lison de Caunes, based on 17th century techniques.

For the DS Aero Sport Lounge concept, a special rye straw finish is used: it sparkles with its silky finish, impresses with its warmth when touched, and pleases with shimmering reflections.

The raw materials are completely natural. The straw is grown and harvested in Burgundy, then dried and colored — with complete separation, stem by stem — before being adhered to the substrate.

Finally, the straw is covered with natural varnishes, which makes it heat and water resistant.

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