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Exeed LX AWD 2023.

Exeed LX AWD 2023.

Exeed LX AWD 2023.

The Exeed LX AWD crossover with all-wheel drive has gone on sale.

Under the premium Exeed brand, the LX crossover with AWD all-wheel drive has been put on the market.

The cost of the Exeed LX 2023 with AWD all-wheel drive was at the level of 3.75 million rubles, which made it the most expensive in the family.

Maximum configuration of this model, but with front-wheel drive is offered for the sum of 3.3 million rubles.

The all-wheel drive modification of the premium crossover is available to Russians in one level of performance — Premium Plus.

The base version costs 750,000 rubles less. It is noted that with a discount the cost of the crossover will be less by 280 thousand rubles.

Up to half a million may be saved, using the Trade-In program. Thus, taking into account the discounts, the price of Exeed LX can make about 3.1 million rubles.

Exeed LX AWD 2023.

The novelty is presented with 1.6-liter Turbo (150 hp), which works in tandem with a «robot» 7DCT 300 with two clutches.

Torque is 275 N*m. The power is slightly increased compared to the front-drive version of the crossover — by 3 horsepower.

The torque has increased by 65 Nm. It is known a few more parameters: acceleration up to 100 km/h is made for 10.2 seconds, and the speed ceiling is limited to 205 km/h.

Exeed LX AWD 2023.

The most expensive version of the «junior» Exide has become the most dynamic and fastest in the range.

The arsenal includes a large number of electronic aids, panoramic sunroof, 19-inch wheels and a set of heating, which is important when operating in winter.

The LX AWD provides access to 6 different driving profiles, which are adapted to the Russian climate and road conditions.

Exeed LX AWD 2023.

For example, there are such presets as «Eco», «Comfort», «Sport», «Soil», and «Snow».

Such mode as 4×4 is also available. The standard drive is performed on the front axle, and the rear one is connected during acceleration, start-up and skidding.

The new version has 19-inch discs and red brake calipers, as well as tinted windows for the second row.

Exeed LX AWD 2023.

Safety is improved with advanced systems, including lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control.

All-wheel drive is a ZF development — it automatically switches between 2WD/4WD modes depending on road conditions and driver intentions.

Now also available front-wheel drive version of the model, complete with a 1.5-liter engine (147 hp) with a variator-type transmission.

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