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F-150 Super Snake 2022.

F-150 Super Snake 2022.

F-150 Super Snake 2022.

F-150 Super Snake 2022. Shelby Super Snake based on the new F-150 pickup: crazy dynamics.

Specialists at Shelby American have presented the F-150 Super Snake, a super pickup based on the Ford F-150 2021 model year.

Modification can have both single and double cab, and it can be easily recognized from the donor truck by presence of the company’s aerodynamic kit.

The latter includes a massive grille, front splitter, hood with «nostrils», extended fenders with ventilation slots and a number of other components.

The body of the modified pickup has longitudinal stripes and the company’s logo in the form of a snake. The pickup is set on large 22-inch wheels with high-performance road tires.

In other words, the modification is not designed for off-road trips.

The modified truck received two-tone leather trim and tinted glass. There are also stylish floor mats and a special plate with the number of the truck in the series.

Base Shelby F-150 Super Snake has a 5.0-liter V8, 406 hp atmospheric engine, but the company offers to install a compressor on this engine, which increases the output to 786 horsepower.

The top version is reportedly capable of accelerating from 0-60 mph (97 km/h) in just 3.45 seconds. In other words, the novelty was faster than the factory F-150 Raptor.

F-150 Super Snake 2022.

Plus, the Super Snake version has a Borla exhaust system and customizable suspension, which is designed with FOX shock absorbers and sport anti-roll bars.

The two-door version also has lowered ground clearance and installed more efficient brakes.

After modifications the Shelby American truck develops up to 786 horsepower.

Shelby American has presented a new pickup Ford F-150 Super Snake.

F-150 Super Snake 2022.

Recipe is traditional: eight-cylinder all-wheel drive truck of the fourteenth generation was taken as a basis, the engine was added with a drive supercharger Whipple, and suspension was lowered and reinforced.

As a result, the heavy pickup distinguished «supercar» dynamics — acceleration to 60 miles per hour (97 km/h) takes 3.45 seconds, which is comparable to the performance of Lamborghini Murcielago.

Outside, the newest Shelby F-150 Super Snake is easily recognized by a wide-body bodykit with a powerful front splitter, a hood with slots, low-profile 22-inch wheels, and stickers from the famous studio.

The upgrade is available for both two-door and four-door pickups of the current generation.

F-150 Super Snake 2022.

If the owner wishes, under the hood of the F-150 Super Snake, you can leave the original 406-horsepower atmospheric V8 5.0 Coyote and save $7,900.

The alternative is to install a Whipple compressor, a Borla stainless-steel exhaust system, and modifications to the fuel and cooling systems.

As a result, the output increases to 786 horsepower!

The chassis is also improved: front and rear adjustable shock absorbers, changed stabilizers, reinforced rods, clearance is reduced and two-door pickup received new brakes.

The interior architecture is unchanged, but the seats can be reupholstered in two-tone leather, branded mats and aluminum pedal pads, carbon fiber inserts and autographed by Carroll Shelby.

Traditionally, Shelby American gives a three-year or 58,000-kilometer warranty on its products.

F-150 Super Snake 2022.

The two-door 786-horsepower pickup costs from $98,690 (7.2 million rubles), the four-door — from $113,680 (8.3 million rubles).

A total of 600 «charged» F-150 Super Snake will be produced, 300 with each body type.

It is reported that the Shelby F-150 Super Snake run will be 600 copies: tuners will produce 300 cars with single and double cabins.

The most affordable two-door pickup with an atmospheric V8 costs from $90,790 (6.6 million rubles at current exchange rate), and for its compressor version the tuners ask $98,690 (7.2 million rubles).

Prices for four-door truck with an atmospheric engine start from $105,708 (7.7 million rubles), and when ordering a compressor one would have to pay $113,680 (8.3 million rubles).

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